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DIY Easter decorations: arts and crafts inspiration and ideas

DIY Easter decorations: arts and crafts inspiration and ideas

Spring is approaching and the first flowers are blooming. The days are getting longer, the sun is shining more. And Easter is getting closer – the celebration that finally heralds the arrival of spring. And what better way to get in the mood than some creative, DIY Easter decorations?

► We provide some inspiration and craft ideas that are super easy to execute. From artistic ways to paint Easter eggs to DIY Easter decorations made of FIMO and playful flower garlands – with our detailed instructions, making simple, beautiful Easter decorations yourself is easy.

No Easter basket, no Easter eggs

The kids are running through the yard, looking for much sought-after trinkets hidden by their parents. We're not just talking about sweets, but about traditional Easter eggs as well. After all, there’s no celebrating Easter without first lovingly painting different designs on eggs. Here is some inspiration on how to make Easter decorations with little effort.

Less is more: two pens, one great result

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to turn a simple egg into a real eye-catcher. Minimalism is often enough. Our instructions show how easy it is to craft Easter decorations with just two pens. These Easter decorations are easy to create with a  metallic pen and a  permanent marker.

Hollowed-out brown eggs are best suited to a minimalist style, as they look especially good with white metallic pen. Whether it's flowers, polka dots, or wild circles – there are no limits to your own creativity. Also popular is the black and white design. All you need are hollowed-out white eggs and our Lumocolor permanent pen 318. It works well with graphic elements like lines, triangles, or a familiar chequered pattern. Then you can either hang the eggs up or put them in an Easter basket. It’s never been easier to craft adorable Easter decorations.

FIMO Easter Decorations: adorable Easter arts and crafts out of the oven

A little decoration is part of every celebration. We’ll show you how beautiful DIY Easter decorations can be. With these ideas and instructions, the weeks before the holiday will fly by and the anticipation will mount as you pass the time crafting Easter decorations. Even the biggest crafting stick-in-the-mud can’t resist these craft ideas! So get the necessary materials and get started making bunnies, birds, or egg cups in all shapes and colours.

It's not Eater without the Easter Bunny


After all, he is the hallmark of any Easter celebration. So why not make Easter decorations that focus on the Easter Bunny? But if you don’t want to decorate your house and yard with things you could find in any old supermarket, pay attention now. Getting creative yourself is much better than just buying something, anyway!

Our magic word: FIMO modelling clay. This multifunctional material is also available with accents like glitter, guaranteed to bring a fun mood to the crafting table. With our instructions, your DIY Easter decorations will be ready to enchant any visitor in no time. Take a look at our cute striped glitter bunnies.


Cute Easter bunnies don’t just make lovely decorations; they can also be put to practical use as place card holders. That's where our egg bunnies come in. To make these Easter decorations, you need  FIMOair basic, wire and a pencil. They make great place cards, so everyone knows where to sit.



Try combining our air-setting modelling clay  FIMOair basic with Styrofoam eggs to craft slightly larger bunnies. That way, you can decide the size of your bunnies!


Of course, even if it is Easter, not everything has to look like an egg. You can also make other personal and original decorations. For example, how about Easter bunnies that, at first glance, look like they’re made of wood? In reality, it’s our popular FIMOair modelling clay yet again. The polka dot bunny tattoos are a bit more elaborate, but definitely worth every second of work.

Find out how to make them in our step-by-step guide. You’ll also find the matching template and the material list to recreate these Easter decorations.


Tip: Decorations are quick to make with the matching clay machine and practical modelling tools. With them, making Easter decorations is child's play.


Psst… there doesn’t always have to be an Easter Bunny

Easter decorations are as diverse as Easter celebrations themselves. You don’t always have to make a bunny. So let’s get to work: We’ll show you how to make decorative egg cups, terracotta chickens and little birdies out of FIMO.

Also: You can make these Easter decorations and then embellish them with natural materials. How about feathers for the birds, for example? You can use whatever you can find in your garden or any nearby woods.

Crafting Easter decorations with children

Why should adults be to only ones who have a say in decorations? Most children love to create little works of art with FIMO kids. It doesn’t take much to make our sculpted Easter eggs: Modelling clay, cutting tools, and motif rollers provide the basis for beautiful, colourful Easter eggs you can hang up – ideal for an Easter bouquet from your garden! Kids can let off creative steam while making Easter decorations.


Of course, it doesn’t always have to be FIMO, either. Crafting Easter decorations out of paper is an evergreen option that always looks nice. Whether it’s flowers made from paper plates to hang in the windows or a chic flower garland to decorate the walls, bright colours will bring spring straight from the garden and into your child’s room.

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