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Release your creativity with STAEDTLER®

We believe that people are naturally creative, inquisitive and productive – and that they are always searching for new ways to rediscover their environment and release their own unique creativity. Because creativity makes people a little happier. And more relaxed. For more than 180 years, we have been making it our mission to inspire people of all ages across the globe, helping them discover the joy of being creative. With our high-quality and innovative products, we seek to be a companion and source of inspiration for people of all ages who want to bring their own creative ideas to life. We do this out of a sense of tradition and a deep-seated commitment.


STAEDTLER® 3001 STAEDTLER® 3001 Double-ended watercolour brush pen Wallet containing 18 double-ended watercolour brush pens in assorted colours
Mars® Lumograph® 100 Mars® Lumograph® 100 Drawing pencil Single product 11B
Lumocolor® permanent pen 318 Lumocolor® permanent pen 318 Permanent universal pen F STAEDTLER box containing 6 Lumocolor permanent in assorted colours
triplus® fineliner 334 triplus® fineliner 334 Triangular fineliner STAEDTLER box containing 10 triplus fineliner in assorted colours
Textsurfer® classic 364 Textsurfer® classic 364 Highlighter Wallet containing 6 Textsurfer classic in assorted colours plus 2 free of charge
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