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May 6th is World Kids Colouring Day

New record for World Kids Colouring Day!
The total amount to for supporting Peru is €32,304.

This year’s World Kids Colouring Day took place on 6 May 2022 with the motto “Let's discover nature – in the air!”.  
Thank you very much for sending us so many creative submissions.
With every picture, you helped to do something good for other children in need. A total of 32,304 pictures were drawn worldwide.
The sum of €32,304 will be donated to the children’s aid organisation Plan International Germany for the project “Allin Mikuna – Healthy Nutrition for Children!” in Peru.

We have personally notified all winners of the drawing competition. Congratulations to all the winners and we hope to see many more great pictures next year!

Britta Olsen, Head of Brand and Communications at STAEDTLER, and World Kids Colouring Day project manager Susanne Schmidt-Britting hand over EUR 32,304 to Plan International Germany. The money will support the project "Allin Mikuna" Healthy nutrition for children! in Peru.

Here is a selection of the winning pictures 2022

*General explanatory video for World Kids Colouring Day. Please be aware that project and project region change regularly.

Join in, draw & colour, help others!

The motto: "Let's discover nature - in the air"

"Let's discover nature - in the air" - the motto of the campaign period promises submissions with colourful research protocols from nature. Which birds are flying through the air? Eagles, blackbirds or parrots? What colours are the wings of the butterflies as they flutter from flower to flower? And what shape do the clouds make in the air? For World Kids Colouring Day 2022, children from all over the world will give a glimpse of how they experience the air as an element and which associations it creates in their heads. Under the motto “Let’s discover nature – in the air”, they will become researchers and discover, among other things, which animals have conquered the air! 

“With the motto ‘Let’s discover nature – in the air’, we have linked this year's edition to the successful World Kids Colouring Day 2021, which looked at biodiversity on the ground. Both elements, earth and air, are rich in life and full of adventure. We want to encourage children to look up at the air around them. Sometimes you don't have to look very far – even a small beetle that stretches its wings and flies away is part of the habitat of the air and inspires us," explains Britta Olsen, Head of Brand and Communications at STAEDTLER. “Living things need air to breathe – we are excited to see how the young researchers will interpret the new motto.”

Colouring & doing good

STAEDTLER supports the child rights organisation Plan International Germany for every drawing submitted with €1. A total of up to €50,000 is being made available.

The money will benefit the project "Allin Mikuna" Healthy nutrition for children! in Peru. "Allin Mikuna" means "good nutrition" in the local language (Quechua). The project aims to improve the nutrition of young children in the region to develop environmentally friendly business models and to economically empower women.

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Creative craft ideas and colouring templates on the theme of "air"

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