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Easter crafting idea for kids - creative carrot feet as Easter greetings

Easter crafting idea for kids - creative carrot feet as Easter greetings
30 min Easy

Every child can become an artist one day! It is important for children to discover their creativity, especially during their formative years. But crafting with children of different ages is not always easy. While the sensory experience still counts for the very youngest, the older ones naturally already want to cut, paint and be creative themselves. Easter is the perfect time to implement new creative ideas. Usually eggs are dyed or painted, but with this creative tip children are especially encourage to get involved and make these cute carrot feet. Painting the foot with finger paint is a great experience for most children because the sole of the foot has about 70,000 nerve endings. These receptors make it tickle so nicely.

With a few simple steps, this footprint then becomes a great greeting card for Easter. This DIY idea not only stimulates the children's senses, but also gives them their first insight into colour theory.
It's a lot of fun and in the end you have a beautiful, self-made gift.


An article by Jessica

Step-by-step tutorial

Mix red and yellow finger paint to create orange. Because that is the colour of carrots.

Tickle your baby's/toddler's feet with the brush and paint and take an impression of the foot on the coloured photo card. Let the paint dry well.

Draw a carrot shape around the footprint and have the child cut it out.

Make a hole with the tip of the scissors at the top edge - it can be a little larger so that the crepe tape can be threaded through easily. Cut a strip of crepe paper about 5 cm wide and 15 cm long and fold it in the middle. Pull the doubled centre through the hole from the back and thread the two ends through the loop created. Fan the ends apart again and let the child happily cut into the tips. Now you can stick the finished carrot on a greeting card or write directly on the back.

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
Noris® junior 881 Finger paint - Set containing 6 finger paints in assorted colours 8816 D 1
Noris® junior 140 3 in 1 kids' colouring pencil - Cardboard box containing 12 coloured pencils in assorted colours and 1 sharpener 140 C12 1
Noris® 965 Hobby scissors - Blistercard containing scissors with 14 cm blade 965 14 NBK 1
STAEDTLER® 989 Synthetic brush - Blistercard containing 3 brushes: #2 round, #8 round, #8 flat 989-SBK3-3 1

Additionally required:

Coloured paper / photo cardboard; Crepe paper for decorating; Mixing palette

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