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FIMO soft

FIMO soft

STAEDTLER FIMO soft is a modelling clay that is ideal for adult beginners and amateur artists. It’s soft and pliable, making it really easy to shape. Modelling clay sets containing different colours allow you to let your creativity run free straight out of the box, as the clay doesn’t need to be softened first. DIY packs contain all the tools you need to create charming pieces of jewellery, accessories or decorative items for the home. Browse the FIMO range and transform your ideas into unique pieces of art.

Bring creative ideas to life with FIMO soft

STAEDTLER FIMO soft is an oven-hardening modelling clay specifically designed for adult beginners and amateur artists. The clay is soft and pliable, making it really easy to shape. You can use it transform your creative ideas into unique pieces of jewellery or decorative accessories for the home.

  • If you only need specific colours, the 30 colours in the FIMO soft series and six trend colours are all available individually as 57 g blocks
  • Large 454 g (1 lb) blocks are available individually in 11 assorted colours
  • Assorted packs are available with 12 or 24 blocks in 25 g format or also with six blocks in 57 g format.
  • These sets allow you to express yourself creatively to your heart’s content.
  • The assorted packs are also a great way to stock up on FIMO supplies.
  • The blocks are already divided into eight segments, so you can easily cut off small portions to work with. This also enables you to easily blend together different FIMO colours to get the shade you want.
  • FIMO soft is also compatible with:
    - FIMO effect
    - FIMO professional
  • Accessories for creating original details are available in the form of numerous FIMO accessories such as:
    - Moulds
    - Leaf metal and special adhesive
    - Gloss or semi-gloss varnish
  • Each pack comes with instructions that include important safety information.

Ideal set for beginners: everything you need to start modelling

The FIMO soft basic set contains FIMO blocks in nine different colours. It also includes tools and accessories such as:

  • Modelling stick for shaping and adding texture to finished pieces
  • Work sheet for a clean working surface
  • Gloss varnish to add a special finish to your modelled items once hardened

Do it yourself – Just the way you want

The DIY trend that originated in the UK is now hugely popular around the world. Whether in the workshop, at home or in the creative industry – people are finding the joy in doing it themselves. Many amateur artists really appreciate how DIY projects allow them to express their individuality and let off steam creatively. There’s a sense of a achievement when you look at what you’ve accomplished and it inspires you to make a start on your next project. In response to this popular trend, STAEDTLER offers complete kits packed full of ideas. Use them to make a variety of stylish and unique handmade items:

  • Creative necklaces, earrings and rings
  • Beautiful accessories
  • Unique decorative items for your home

Everything you need is provided in the kit along with the modelling clay. This includes, for example, bracelets, rings or a blank ballpoint pen ready for decoration. The colours of modelling clay included in the kit all work together beautifully. The packaging also provides a visual guide as well as added inspiration.

Tip: Use our DIY kits to make personal gifts for the special people close to your heart.

How do you harden items made from FIMO?

Once you have finished shaping FIMO soft, you need to harden the clay. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Preheat the oven to 110°C.
  • Line a baking sheet with baking parchment or aluminium foil.
  • Leave the modelled item to harden in the oven for 30 minutes.
  • For best results, use an oven thermometer to check the temperature during hardening.

Important: FIMO models are only completely hardened once they have cooled down. Once cool, you can also continue working on the modelled pieces (painting, varnishing, polishing, etc.).