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Lettering guides

Lettering guides

Lettering guides are an indispensable tool for technical drawing. They contain cut-outs of letters, numbers and special characters, facilitating work in construction and engineering. For professional results, choose high-quality lettering guides from STAEDTLER.

Lettering guides as a valuable accessory for technical drawing

Lettering guides and drawing templates are indispensable when creating technical drawings. Architects, engineers and other professionals use them to write down dimensions and label their professional projects. The characters included on the lettering guide conform to lettering standards: various DIN and ISO standards apply for specific content on paper, thereby ensuring uniform text.

STAEDTLER Mars lettering guide

The STAEDTLER Mars 572 lettering guide is made of transparent blue plastic. This colour provides optimum contrast, making it easier to see the numbers, letters and special characters on paper.


Important product information



  • Available with 5 mm or 7 mm letter height
  • Line width: 0.5 mm or 0.7 mm
  • Suitable technical pens: STAEDTLER Mars matic 700 M05 or M07
  • Standard lettering conforming to ISO 3098/1B
  • Special edge to prevent smudging when drawing with ink

Tip: Even professionals make mistakes when drawing or need to amend details. The Mars plastic eraser is the ideal solution here:

  • The blue part of the combi 526 508 eraser is specifically designed for erasing India ink on special drafting film or transparent paper.
  • It contains a solvent that dissolves the ink, making it easier to erase.
  • These erasers leave very few crumbs behind, facilitating clean work.

Precise drawing of curves

The STAEDTLER French curve set includes three templates for drawing curved lines. French curves also enable the precise drawing of trigonometric functions. These French curves also feature an inking edge:

  • The edge leaves a gap between the underside of the template and the paper, which prevents ink running and smudging while drawing.

Tip: To get the most out of your equipment and to achieve professional results, we also recommend purchasing set squares in various sizes as accessories to lettering guides and French curves.