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Tutorials on drawing and colouring designs from the natural world

Tutorials on drawing and colouring designs from the natural world

Want to start drawing but wondering how to create lovely designs? Here, we demonstrate drawing and colouring techniques using easy-to-draw designs from the natural world. The instructions are quick to follow and use a variety of materials, including graphite pencils, coloured pencils, watercolour pencils and fibre-tip pens, that make it easy to achieve great results.
Anyone can learn to draw – so even beginners will be able to let their creativity run free straight away!

This handbook demonstrates the techniques you will need to create the following designs from the natural world:

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Drawing plants with coloured pencils

The plant kingdom provides all the inspiration you need for your next masterpiece. In this tutorial, our artist Bina shows you how to draw an intricate thistle with realistic colour gradients.

Drawing a fox with watercolour pencils

How do you draw a fox, anyway? Bina demonstrates some straightforward techniques. Bring your animal designs to life with watercolour pencils, using pigment liners to create highlights.

Drawing flowers with watercolour fibre-tip pens

Step by step and with lots of attention to detail, Bina shows you how to use watercolour effects to create flowers. Get inspired!

Drawing trees and mountains with charcoal pencils

The right techniques will give your artworks the required depth. Our artist Jill demonstrates how to create an expressive mountain landscape with trees in the twinkling of an eye.

Painting daisies with acrylics

Contrasting accents with acrylic paints and metallic markers stand out especially well on dark paper. Bina demonstrates the techniques using daisies. Simple yet beautiful.

Creating a cornfield with watercolour fibre-tip pens

Nature conjures up the most beautiful colours. In this video, Bina shows you how to use colour gradients to create atmospheric backgrounds.

Creating a bouquet of flowers with watercolour fibre-tip pens and coloured pencils

Looking for a flower design for your next project? Let yourself be inspired by Bina’s bouquet! Give your art work the fine details you need with a range of techniques and tools.

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