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Inspiring Colour Worlds: Mix FIMO colours yourself

Inspiring Colour Worlds: Mix FIMO colours yourself

Curtain up for bright colours and more creativity. Dive into our Colour Worlds and get inspired. Every month, you can discover a new, inspiring world of colours with our FIMO colours here.

We present you with perfectly coordinated shades and ideas to create new mixes and find great combinations for your DIY projects. With the help of our Colour Worlds, you can see which colours harmonize well and are ideal for your next crafts. You will also receive several mix recipes here every time, using which you can mix your desired colours directly after with FIMO soft and FIMO effect. Thanks to our Colour Worlds, you will learn about the different possibilities and colour variants of FIMO modelling clay. 

Unique FIMO colours in just a few simple steps

Don't know how to mix FIMO colours yourself? No problem! We’ll show you right here how you can mix almost any FIMO colour you like, according to your very own taste. You can get great inspiration first and then start mixing the FIMO soft and FIMO effect colours right away. You can also download the mixing instructions free of charge .
If you want to know how to implement the mix recipes available below, you can find instructions HERE.

What are you waiting for? Get started, explore our Colour Worlds, get inspired and let your creativity run wild! 

Chai Latte

Rustling autumn leaves, brimming chestnut trees, bright sun-kissed forests and a clear-blue sky. Steaming tea, the smell of cinnamon, nuts and cakes... everything is still except for the falling leaves. That can only mean one thing – autumn is here! The “Chai Latte” colour scheme makes you want to enjoy autumn with all your senses.

Download the mix recipe here:



Christmas Candy

The Christmas bakery has treats on offer... Christmas is just around the corner and there’s a delicious scent of gingerbread, cookies, candy canes and fir branches everywhere. It’s the perfect time to get cosy at home with a cup of tea and a new FIMO DIY project. The “Christmas Candy” colour scheme will put you in the Christmas mood!

Download the mix recipe here:



How does it work?

FIMO Colour Mixing Technique ▪ How to | STAEDTLER

Take a look at the mix recipe of your desired colour and prepare the required FIMO colours. First, you need to roll out a block of the necessary FIMO colours into exactly the same thickness using the acrylic roller. This works best if you place a pencil (with 6 edges) of the same thickness next to the mass to be rolled out. So, for example, two identical pencils. Now roll the acrylic roller over the pencils and roll out the FIMO mixture evenly.

Then use the cutters of your choice (e.g. a square is very suitable), to punch out the exact number of tiles specified in the mixing recipe.

Then knead the cut-out tiles all together until a uniform colour shade has been created.

New inspiration for individual ideas

With our suggestions and instructions, you can easily mix your own colours with FIMO soft and FIMO effect as you desire. This creates your own colour worlds, which you can use indiviually for new craft projects. This not only highlights your individuality, but also creates unique designs.

A contribution from Emma

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