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Drawing in Perspective with Dan Beardshaw

In this online course, you will learn everything about drawing in perspective. Perspective drawing is a technique that is used to display three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional image plane, such as a sheet of paper. The technique is therefore used to create a realistic sense of space. Perspective drawing is one of the foundations for drawing, as drawings often look distorted or flat without the right perspective. Hence, perspective drawing is an art fundamental which will greatly help you in improving your artworks. So, dive right in!

Drawing Expert Dan Beardshaw

My name is Dan Beardshaw and I am an artist and practising architect. I am 24 years old and have been drawing since I can remember as it is my favourite means of creating.

It‘s clear that my art has developed over time: I mostly used to focus on realistic drawing, creating videos, giving advice and demonstrations to help others create their own artwork. Whilst I still produce content of this kind, I have more recently been creating videos covering perspective drawing, a subject that I find to be more niche but nonetheless enjoyable. Perspective drawing is a great place to start for beginners, too.

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Focal Points of the Course:

  • One Point Perspective
  • Two Points Perspective
  • Three Points Perspective
  • Working with Volumes
  • Creating Textures

over 100 minutes of video tutorials

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Session 1: Introduction to Drawing in Perspective

Get to know our drawing expert Dan! In this first session about drawing in perspective, next to shortly presenting himself, Dan will cover the very basics of drawing in perspective from its discovery to its daily use in today’s artworks, explaining what is involved in perspective drawing.

Session 2: One Point Perspective

After having learned about the horizon line and vanishing points in the first session, session two covers drawing in one point perspective. Learn how to draw in one point perspective easily by drawing several boxes using one vanishing point and finally apply what you have learned to drawing a tree alley.

Session 3: Two Point Perspective

The two point perspective is most widely used when drawing in perspective. Learn all about this technique in this session: move from a good amount of practice with drawing boxes in two point perspective to a full drawing of a bridge in two point perspective.

Session 4: Three Point Perspective

Learn how to give the impression of looking up on or down at something in your drawings. This is what three point perspective is about and Dan will show you how to get there. Again, drawing out some boxes is how it all starts and the session ends with a drawing of an abandoned barn in three points perspective.

Session 5: Working with Volume

In this tutorial session Dan runs you through the creation of more complex volumes. Learn how to draw cylinders and pitched roofs in perspective and apply your learnings when drawing a complex building in two points perspective.

Session 6: Textures and Details

Textures and details are important in order to create realistic drawings. Dan will get you started on this teqchnique.
Also you should get to know your pencils in detail. So our expert Dan will show you how to create a value scale to make an informed decision when grabbing a pencil.

Session 7: Produce a Final Drawing in Perspective

In this final session of drawing in perspective, you will put to use everything you have learned before and create a final drawing in perspective.
Are you ready to draw out different elements on different angles and using more than one pair of vanishing points?


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