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Fashion, accessories and deco: We've put this season's most important themes & trends together for you here. Let our ideas inspire you!

So nice, so sweet: Pantone trend colours of the year 2016

You're sure to have noticed whilst flicking through catalogues, strolling past shop windows or surfing the internet: Subtle shades are all the rage. Whether fashion, beauty or home deco, they are to be found all over. Pastel blends are simply irresistible and look good enough to melt in your mouth! What's more, we can look forward to a continuation of this trend.

The Pantone Colour Institute has selected its trend colour of the year 2016:
In first place is pink. Or, to be precise, PANTONE 13-1520 rose quartz, a delicate, very light version. And that's not all: This year, for the first time ever, there's a second trend colour: Serenity is the name of this airy light blue.

Make a statement

They turn any outfit into a real eye-catcher and look especially impressive when worn together with plain, unicoloured blouses and tops.

Statement necklaces. These pieces of jewellery cause quite a stir with their striking colours and patterns – like the necklace made by artist and polymer clay art pioneer Sarah Shriver which was created using the kaleidoscope technique.


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True Colours

STAEDTLER FIMO professional True Colours

Whether for modelling techniques like mokume gane and Skinner blend or for filigree canes with a kaleidoscope or millefiori pattern: FIMO professional is the ideal material for detailed works of art and sophisticated patterns. FIMO professional's core range comprises 24 colours, but that's not all: The newly developed FIMO professional ‘True Colours’ ensure perfect blending results.

Available in pure yellow, pure red, pure magenta, pure green and pure blue, the True Colours possess pure colour pigments for the creation of truly brilliant blends. Developed in line with high scientific standards, the FIMO professional colour wheel not only shows at a glance the 175 different shades that can be created using FIMO professional True Colours but the respective mixing ratios too.

The FIMO professional colour mixing system is based on seven colours: The five True Colours and black and white. These make it possible to create a rainbow spectrum of a total of 168 harmonising shades. All of which are blended using the five True Colours and then gradated using either black or white. Each and every colour is defined by an exact mixing formula.

To achieve the desired shade, the two True Colours to be blended need to be rolled out to two uniformly thick sheets in the clay machine. Next, a shaped cutter is used to cut pieces out of the individual sheets in line with the mixing formula. These are then kneaded together until a uniform colour is achieved.

STAEDTLER FIMO professional True Colours

The FIMO professional colour mixing system is based on the LAB colour wheel. The basis for this colour model is provided by Ewald Hering's opponent colour theory which embraces all colours visible to the human eye.

FIMO professional is available in two versions: 85 grammes and 350 grammes. The new block size is of particular advantage to artists who work with FIMO a lot.

The FIMO professional blocks are resealable which means that modelling clay that has already been opened can be stored in its original packaging, clean and safe from dirt and dust until next use.

Sabine Backer
Christine Dumont
Bettina Welker
Lisa Pavelka

Arts & Design

Tutorial by Roger Watt

1: Introduction

It’s natural for every artist’s way of working to evolve in its own unique way, so this tutorial is not about how you should draw but simply about how I draw. There is no right way or wrong way but every artist can benefit from continually keeping him or herself open to new ideas.

Continue reading the tutorial here ...

Business Tips

Use the social networks

Social networks

You should show your loveliest creations and prettiest pieces of jewellery to as many people as possible. What is the point of an artwork that everybody has perhaps been waiting for for years if it can’t be displayed in the largest shop window in the world? Let the world see what you can do. 

For sales to be successful it is important that you and your products are talked about. This is where social networks like Facebook and Twitter offer a range of possibilities. For if you present your products appropriately and in an interesting way you will achieve enormous coverage.  

Make sure you don’t just describe your products as an advertiser would. It’s best to write as if you were presenting your newest creation to a good friend. Quite often it’s also helpful to awaken the interest of fans and Facebook friends or Twitter followers with small activities such as questionnaires, pointers about events or even little competitions.

It is not hard to imagine that the role of facebook, twitter, Pinterest & Co. will only increase - these sites can be great ways to spread the word about your artworks!


Your own shop on Etsy

Your own shop on Etsy

Very few artists have their own online shop. Many artists and FIMO creatives use special portals that offer a shop as a service. 

Etsy is by far the best portal globally for handmade art. As an artist you can set up your own individual shop in just a few steps. 

You can introduce yourself briefly, define your own terms of business, present your creations entirely as you wish and set out your desired terms of payment. You will also benefit from a high level of security for payments as Etsy offers you seller protection.   

Your shop will receive its own internet address with the name you have chosen. You can then pass on this address very simply as a link to your fans, friends and followers on your social networks. 

Take a closer look at Etsy here: www.etsy.com

Artists in the spotlight

  • Sarah Shriver

    1983 Sarah Nelson Shriver graduated from the University of California at Davis  with a bachelor’s degree in art.
    1986 she was employed in a fabric and art supply store in San Francisco where she first began working with polymer clay (FIMO). 
    Since 1989 she has been working full time out of her home/studio in San Rafael using the Millefiori or Caning technique to make intricately patterned beads, buttons, and jewelry. Her background in textiles is evident in her designs, which were described in an Ornament Magazine review as "meticulous, delicate, and elegant".

    For just over 20 years, Sarah Shriver has been making jewelry and teaching techniques in polymer clay. She has been recognized as a pioneer and master of her craft and has participated in a number of juried and invitational exhibits and shows. Her work can be found on line at www.sarahshriver.com and in a lot of books and periodicals. At Play: Polymer Clay Jewelry Art show, at the Facere Gallery in Seattle WA, 2006. She is juror for the 2008 National Polymer Clay Guild’s “Progress and Possibilities” competition.

    • Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival “Award of Excellence” Mill Valley, CA - 2008
    • Marin county Fair, Second Place in “Fine Arts and Crafts” San Rafael, CA -200 
    • First place in “Gleaming Treasures” Polymer Clay, Sacramento, CA -1998
    • First Runner Up “Gleaming Treasures” overall, Sacramento, CA -1998

    Sarah says: “The Millefiori process done in polymer clay (FIMO) gives me a tool to work with amazing pattern complexity. I love the intricate patterns I’m able to achieve using these incredible 3-D colors. I find infinite possibilities in my work with polymer clay (FIMO)

    I like traveling and teaching and connecting with people all over the globe, but maybe most of all I feel really happy about finding a medium that I understand well enough to express myself sincerely.” 


FIMO Symposium 2017 - Save the date

„FIMO Inspirations - on the move!“ - It’s nearly time again!

Don’t miss the chance to join the 6th FIMO Symposium from 13.9.-16.09.2017 in Monza in Bella Italia! 

The Hotel de la Ville is a small luxury hotel that enjoys a unique and enviable position: opposite the Monza Villa Reale and its wonderful park, a few steps from the historical center of one the most important cities of Lombardy. The award-winning boutique hotel combines luxury, fine hospitality and haute cuisine. The rooms delight you the fine French and English fabrics, the oak and mahogany flooring, the crystal chandeliers and amazing art collections. All in all this four-star luxury hotel convinces with its stylish atmosphere and excellent service.  


So be excited and look forward to this great event, because this year we have again planned 4 exciting workshops and a great supporting program around the "Dolce Vita"! 

The registration will start as usual in June 2017 here on this page.

More info to follow here soon!



Happy Birthday FIMO! At the 5th FIMO Symposium from 7th to 10th September 2016, participants didn’t just get creative, they celebrated in style as well. To mark the 50th anniversary of FIMO, the Symposium this year took place in Nuremberg, the Franconian home town of the world-famous brand.

Alongside fascinating workshops with internationally renowned FIMO artists Izabela Nowak, Bettina Welker, Maggie Maggio and Dan Cormier, guests enjoyed a lavish gala evening to celebrate the oven-hardening modelling clay’s birthday. 

Symposium 2016

The Franconian city of Nuremberg became an international centre of pilgrimage for polymer clay enthusiasts in September. FIMO fans gathered from all over the world for the 5th FIMO Symposium in the Dormero Schlosshotel in Reichenschwand, close to Nuremberg.

The four-day event included practical workshops and gave its 78 participants from 15 countries the opportunity to exchange views on new techniques and to celebrate the modelling clay’s big anniversary. 

Learning from the professionals – tips and tricks by artists for artists

Symposium 2016

The FIMO Symposium provides an ideal opportunity for artists and modelling clay fans to get together in a relaxed and creative atmosphere. The event was focused on exchanging information about the latest trends and creative possibilities, and learning modelling techniques from acclaimed international artists. Numerous workshops and a varied social programme were on offer over four creative days in Nuremberg.

“I always like coming to the FIMO Symposium. It gives you the chance to get together with FIMO artists and fans from across the whole world, to exchange ideas, learn from each other – just to celebrate the passion we all share and get new creative inspiration. It’s always exciting, but it’s also great fun,” says Bettina Welker of the event. 

Symposium 2016

Four workshops offered the opportunity to try out new techniques straight away under expert guidance. Nils Henssen, Marketing Director for the Hobby & Creative sector at STAEDTLER, is enthusiastic about the concept of the FIMO Symposium: “The FIMO Symposium is an ideal way for us to make contact with, and keep in touch with, international artists.

Close contact like this is very important to us because it enables us to adjust our range to suit our target groups‘ needs. Our FIMO modelling clay continues to inspire artists and fans across the whole world to come up with new ideas, and the FIMO Symposium ensures we keep pace with the times, as well as providing the perfect environment for international dialogue and the opportunity to build up personal networks.”

Four workshops, one passion

Symposium 2016

FIMO offers unlimited opportunities for creative expression – in form, colours and surface designs. Under the slogan “Claytime fun all day long,” internationally renowned FIMO artists provided this year’s FIMO Symposium participants with tips on technique:

The workshop “VerteBracelets: 50 Shades of Green“, run by Maggie Maggio from the USA, provided an intensive look at the influence of colour on the artistic object. Using Maggie’s ColorWash technique, participants created a swatch book in various shades of green to help them choose just the right shade for them, and then used this to make large bracelets.

Dan Cormier from Mexico has been working with polymer clay for more than 20 years. His work has appeared in several books and magazines and he has taught his techniques around the world. In his workshop “The Infinity Bead“, he helped participants make pendants using his “Infinity Lattice” technique.

Bettina Welker, co-founder of the German polymer clay guild “Polyclaykunst.de”, has been attending the FIMO Symposium for a number of years now. Her workshop “Extruded translucent layering” this year looked at the topics of shape, translucency and depth, and created earrings from FIMO, whose high-gloss surface and translucent clay added a sense of depth and space to the pieces.

The “Weaving Technique” was at the centre of the course run by Austrian artist Izabela Nowak, in which participants wove inventive and original bracelets, using techniques whose origins lie in traditional Mayan handicrafts from South America. Combining traditional techniques with modern materials such as FIMO results in innovative jewellery designs. 

50 years of FIMO – a birthday party with lots of surprises

FIMO 50 World Project

A particular highlight of the Symposium was the gala evening on 9th September to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the well-loved modelling clay, whose guest of honour was Torsten Rehbinder, son of the inventor of FIMO Sofie Rehbinder-Kruse. In the festive atmosphere of the gala dinner, the large number of invited guests looked back together on the history of the success of the oven-hardening modelling clay with impassioned speeches and magnificent fireworks.

At the centre of the festivities was the unveiling of the “FIMO 50 World Project”. This is an international art project celebrating how FIMO and polymer clay bring the world together. Over the preceding months, artists and FIMO fans all around the world had been sending in FIMO tiles that they had designed themselves, which were then put together in the form of a globe – the “FIMO world”. 

FIMO 50 World Project

A communal, global, piece of art that does not only support the international network of FIMO fans but also serves a charitable purpose. As part of the initiative STAEDTLER is donating 8.004 Euros – 8004 is the article number of FIMO professional – each to two charitable organisations: the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies run by Dr. Ron Lehocky in the USA and the Samunnat Community, a women’s refuge in Nepal.

The donations were given at the gala to guests of honour Kopila Basnet from Nepal, Wendy Moore from Australia and Dr. Ronald Lehocky, all of whom were in attendance.
Read more about the FIMO 50 World Project here.

FIMO TV “shrine”, Georg Dinkel

A special surprise was provided by artist and photographer Georg Dinkel from Zirndorf in Franconia. At the spectacular FIMO birthday gala he presented an Apple TV “shrine” – decorated all over with FIMO.

The precious metal-look, cabinet-style altar was originally designed to store a television. Dinkel specialises in making shrines from FIMO, which he produces exclusively to display Apple products, including shrines for iPads, iPhones, iPods and iWatches.

FIMO 50 World Project

Here are Kopila’s reflections on the whole FIMO 50 anniversary gala experience and what Samunnat will do with the donation.

FIMO artists and creative types can look forward to another get-together in the coming year.

The 6th FIMO Symposium will take place in Italy and planning is already underway. It promises to be a highlight of the 2017 calendar for all fans of oven-hardening modelling clay.