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The different types of FIMO

The different types of FIMO

From colourful vases and bright and cheerful table decorations to small gifts with a personal touch - thanks to the many different sorts of FIMO, every user can let his imagination run wild. FIMO comes in air-drying and oven-hardening varieties. Below we introduce the different sorts in detail, and explain which products are best suited to which applications.

Which sort of FIMO is suitable for which application?

Colourful, oven-hardening FIMO modelling clay has always been very popular with young and old – be it designers and artists who use it to create delicate pieces of jewellery and unique decorative objects, or children who can simply let their creativity run wild thanks to the large variety of shapes and colours the modelling clay comes in. The popular clay is suitable for all age groups and offers every user the perfect product with the right hardness and consistency for their application.

The air-drying equivalent of FIMO is FIMOair. This air-drying clay is widely used in schools, thanks to its similarity to conventional clay. Modelling with FIMOair does not require the use of an oven for hardening, as this material dries in the air.

FIMO modelling clay comes in both oven-hardening and air-drying varieties:

1. Oven-hardening modelling clays

FIMO kids modelling clay

The FIMO variety for kids

FIMO kids is exceptionally soft. Users often talk about “FIMO dough for kids” or “FIMO playdough for kids” – but FIMO is a modelling clay. The CE-certified modelling clay is designed specially for children’s hands, allowing creative little ones to make unique works of art in an instant. When children regularly use FIMO, it promotes the following skills:

  • creativity
  • imagination
  • spatial awareness

Working with modelling clay also trains and enhances fine motor skills. This sort of FIMO is therefore ideal for parents who want to give their kids something productive to do. Special FIMO kids sets for model-making and playing help gradually develop kids’ individual skills. The colourful packs contain simple, child-friendly step-by-step instructions for kids to work with. The sets are also available in different levels of difficulty.

FIMO sorts for beginners and amateur artists

FIMO soft is a soft modelling clay. The clay is easy to shape without prior kneading. The product is suitable for all creative users who enjoy model-making in their spare time and want to work with this popular clay at hobby level:

  • beginners
  • amateur artists
  • DIY hobbyists

FIMO soft is extremely versatile and can be used to create the following:

  • jewellery
  • accessories
  • decorations
  • and much more
FIMO soft modelling clay

FIMO soft can also be mixed with the oven-hardening FIMO sorts “FIMO effect” and “FIMO professional”. Furthermore, the clay is perfect for use with all kinds of FIMO accessories and tools, such as themed moulds and templates, paints, metallic powders, sheet metal and other accessories.

FIMO professional modelling clay

FIMO sorts for advanced users, professionals and artists

FIMO professional is ideal for delicate crafting at the highest level, thanks to its premium quality. The modelling clay is specially designed to meet the needs of professionals who want to experiment, and have an exact idea of what they want to create. The modelling clay is primarily designed for:

  • advanced users
  • (amateur) artists
  • professional users

Unlike FIMO soft and other sorts of FIMO, FIMO professional has a firmer consistency. This gives the clay more dimensional stability, making it exceptionally well-suited to highly detailed artwork. Thanks to the pure pigments of our True Colours, the brilliant colours can be mixed exactly. The product therefore delivers first-class results even when used for highly refined techniques. FIMO professional is compatible with FIMO soft and FIMO effect.

FIMO professional doll art

There is one more sort of FIMO in the professional range: FIMO professional doll art. This is primarily aimed at specialists who create highly detailed dolls and figurines. The clay is specially designed for FIMO dolls and FIMO figurines. The special clay is perfect for the following users:

  • doll makers
  • miniaturists
  • marionette makers
  • animators

The natural colours, with a silk-matt porcelain sheen, give delicately carved faces a lifelike character and astonishing expressiveness.

FIMO with stunning effects

FIMO effect is the product of choice when it comes to creating very special effects. FIMO effect can be used to give your artwork a whole new dimension. With stunning colours and lifelike reproductions of classy materials and finishes, the clay can make objects shine, shimmer and sparkle, or even glow in the dark. It is ideal for use in combination with FIMO soft and FIMO professional. The following effects are available:

  • metallic
  • glitter
  • pastel
  • pearl
  • and much more

This sort of FIMO is ideal for creating jewellery, accessories and decorations with an extravagant touch.

FIMO effect
FIMO leather-effect

Leather look FIMO

FIMO leather-effect: Looks like leather, feels like leather – but it’s actually FIMO leather-effect.

Visually and texturally, this modelling clay is very similar to leather. This unique quality opens up completely new possibilities for modelling. The clay remains bendable after hardening and can be cut, sewn, punched or embossed.
FIMO leather-effect enhances the comprehensive FIMO range, providing a new highlight for creative decorations, on trend accessories and individual pieces of jewellery (e.g. handbags/purses, chains, bracelets). Its unique structure and easy handling mean it is suitable for a wide range of creative techniques.

► All oven-hardening varieties can be easily mixed and combined with one another. (Caution: combining FIMO leather-effect with other FIMO soft, effect or professional clays can reduce its flexibility.)

Other oven-hardening FIMO sorts

FIMO liquid

FIMO liquid is a fluid, oven-hardening gel characterised by its high transparency and extreme flexibility. This makes it the perfect addition to oven-hardening sorts of FIMO for various applications:

  • adhesive bonding of hardened FIMO parts with unhardened FIMO
  • glazing effects
  • joining techniques
  • embedding of small parts
  • etc.

A practical dispensing tip on the plastic bottle guarantees clean and accurate results.

FIMO mix quick

FIMO mix quick is a special FIMO modelling supplement for oven-hardening FIMO modelling clays. The extra-soft material can be easily kneaded into firm FIMO clays. This makes the kneading processes quicker and easier when using firmer modelling clays.


2. Air-drying modelling clays

FIMOair - Air-drying modelling clay

FIMOair is ideal for use in art, recreation and hobbies. FIMOair is also frequently used in schools, nurseries and other similar establishments. The product is defined by the following product characteristics:

  • immediately ready for use
  • dimensionally stable
  • smooth

FIMOair 8100-0

FIMOair is a clay-like variety of FIMOair. It is extremely easy to work, and does not need firing for the clay to harden. It is an ideal alternative to conventional clay.

FIMOair wood-effect 8150-W7

FIMOair wood-effect is a robust and highly shatter-resistant clay with a texture similar to that of wood after air-drying. This makes it ideal for creating sculptures and marionettes. The material can be easily reworked (filing, sawing, carving, drilling, painting, varnishing).

FIMOair light 8130-0

FIMOair light is an exceptionally soft modelling clay that is as light as a feather. It feels pleasant to the touch and does not stick. This makes the product ideal for all applications in which the model has to be kept as light as possible:

► mobiles, figurines, masks, door signs, model construction

After curing in the air FIMOair light is extremely easy to work with – from gluing to painting and varnishing, anything is possible. The air-drying modelling clay is ideal for educational establishments like schools and nurseries, thanks to its pleasant touch and clean finish. The air-drying material is also perfect for beautiful last-minute gift ideas.

FIMOair granite-effect

Bring ideas to life with FIMOair granite-effect! Whether it's art, leisure or a hobby, whether it's at school, kindergarten or at home, this modelling clay is suitable for all craft fans. It is tested by toxicologists and contains at least 80% natural raw materials. It has a pleasant feel, does not stick to the hands and is immediately ready for use. No kiln is required to harden FIMOair granite-effect, as it dries in the air. The completed models can be finished as desired, for example by filing, sanding, drilling, painting or painting. The modelling clay has a granite-like look that lends a sophisticated touch to works of art.


What is the best way to harden the different sorts of FIMO?

Oven-hardening clays

Users of the oven-hardening varieties of FIMO modelling clay often ask “How can I bake FIMO in the oven?” – but we refer to this process as “hardening in the oven”. During hardening, FIMO merely becomes hard. The shape and colour of the model remains almost identical. Finished FIMO models can be placed in the oven to harden for 30 minutes at 110 degrees Celsius. FIMO liquid, however, should ideally be hardened for 20 minutes at 130 degrees Celsius. The right temperature can be precisely monitored using a FIMO oven thermometer. Please make sure that the maximum temperature of 130 degrees is not exceeded.

Air-drying materials

In contrast to oven-hardening modelling clays, FIMOair can simply be left to air-dry at room temperature. Depending on the thickness, the material is surface-dry after approx. 24 hours.

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