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Material and technology

The WOPEX material consists of:

  • Graphit / colour pigments: For the lead of the graphite or coloured pencils
  • WPC (wood-plastic-composite): An innovative composite consisting mainly of wood
  • Special coating: In different colours for the surface of the pencil

Granulates of all components are processed in a special manufacturing procedure. The pencil materials are melted at temperatures between 130 and 180°C, aligned by means of a tool and then moulded to a pencil shape. The initial outcome is an endless pencil strand which is cooled prior to cutting to the appropriate pencil length and then stamped and sharpened.

The innovative manufacturing process in combination with the WOPEX material results in an even better writing, sketching and drawing performance:

  • The homogenous lead glides particularly smoothly across paper
  • The density of the material makes the pencil heavier and therefore comfortable to hold
  • The non-slip, velvety soft surface offers a unique writing experience
  • The lead point is particularly break resistant and there is no splintering in the event of breakage

STAEDTLER world record: Longest coloured pencil in the world

Source: PEFC Germany


When manufacturing pencils made from WOPEX, raw materials and energy are used as sparingly as possible.

The wood we use for WOPEX comes from PEFC-certified, sustainably managed forests in Germany. It therefore follows that pencils made out of WOPEX make an active contribution to a sparing use of the natural raw material wood.


Noris colour


Bring animals to life and create wonderful worlds of make-believe: That's what children can do with Noris colour pencils. Whether at school or at home in their rooms, they can put their creative ideas to paper with the range of 24 colours available. And, because it's so comfortable to hold, the Noris colour is really fun to use too.

Noris eco

Stripes with tradition

STAEDTLER pencils are well-known the world over for their stripes. In its new green and black design, the Noris eco is a both valued and reliable tool when it comes to making notes, drawing pictures or sketching out ideas at school or at work.

Noris stylus pencil

For paper and pixels

Whether writing, sketching or surfing: With the Noris stylus pencil you get to choose between saving your ideas on paper, on a tablet or on smartphones. This pencil is equipped with a conductive stylus tip for better precision on capacitive touch screens while surfing the web without leaving smudge marks on the screen.

The fact that it also enables you to sketch or make handwritten notes directly on the display makes it both quick and easy for you to visualise your thoughts – with the natural feel of holding a pencil in your hand at the same time. Never before has it been so easy to switch between two worlds!


For trendsetters

A stunning example of cool style: These neon pencils made from WOPEX material send out strong signals with hip colours making them true trendsetters in the pencil scene.

The stylish pencils add colour to the world of creative users and cause quite a sensation with their striking exterior. For anyone wanting yet more of the same, there is an entire set available complete with pencils, sharpeners and erasers in matching neon colours – for a dazzling look with wow factor.