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Rulers & set squares

Rulers & set squares

In this category, you will find a comprehensive selection of sturdy set squares and rulers in a variety of designs and sizes for all sorts of applications:

Furthermore, we also offer durable set squares and other practical working tools for use in school. You can also find our products in practical sets with additional drawing tools such as a compass, pencil and more.

Rulers: Practical aids for drawing and measuring

First and foremost, rulers are a practical tool for drawing straight lines. To do this, place the ruler at specific points on a drawing or surface. Then trace the edge of the ruler with a pencil or technical pen to draw a straight line on the paper. A ruler can also be used to quickly measure short distances.

In our product range, you will find Plexiglas, aluminium and plastic rulers in a variety of lengths for school and office use. Some of our products are non-slip and feature an inking edge, so they are also ideal for technical drawing.

Why do rulers have holes?

For a long time, rulers have been part of every primary school student’s basic supplies. Back in the day when children used to write on slates in school, they needed a cloth to clean their slates. This cloth would hang from a piece of string tied through the hole in the ruler.

Even today, this traditional hole has some wonderful practical uses, such as pining a ruler to the pin board above your desk.

Set squares for mathematics and technical drawing

Set squares, in the shape of right-angled isosceles triangles, are more than just a common tool in geometry class: they are also frequently used in the field of technical drawing. Even in ancient Egypt, similar instruments were used to measure fields.

Set squares include the following features:

  • A ruler edge with centimetre marks and a zero point in the middle
  • Lines running parallel to the ruler edge
  • A midline drawn perpendicular to the ruler edge
  • An angular scale

Accordingly, you can use a geometry set square for the following applications:

  1. Drawing parallel straight lines
  2. Measuring angles

To measure an angle, all you need to do is place the zero point of the set square on the intersection and read the corresponding value on the angular scale.
Our STAEDTLER set squares are available in a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs. They are made of transparent, extremely break-resistant plastic, so they will last a long time even under heavy-duty use. We also offer versions with or without a removable grip and ink studs.

Additional working tools for draftsmen

Alongside high-quality STAEDTLER rulers and set squares, our range includes many other technical drawing instruments for school and professional use:

  • Set squares with scales on the contact edge and inking edge
  • Reduction scale rulers with colour-coded grooves for easy identification of scales

Whether you draw as a hobby or work as a draftsman, at STAEDTLER you will find the right accessories to meet your needs.