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STAEDTLER is revolutionising the shop-in-shop system: Perfection in sustainability, aesthetics and functionality

STAEDTLER is revolutionising the shop-in-shop system: Perfection in sustainability, aesthetics and functionality

STAEDTLER has undergone a comprehensive revision of its tried-and-tested brand shop system with an eye on creating unique advantages for retailers and customers. Clearly focused on sustainability, aesthetics and functionality, STAEDTLER takes brand presence at the point of sale to a new dimension.

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The modernised shop-in-shop system from STAEDTLER combines art with efficiency, creates space for inspiration and encourages retail success. The new changes promise better use of space, longer dwell times, higher customer frequency and improved interaction – in short, more sales. The consistent message and the strong presence further strengthen the awareness of STAEDTLER as a beloved brand.

A look at the visionary new concept for the in-house shop-in-shop system shows how STAEDTLER has perfectly woven sustainability, aesthetics and functionality. A key aspect is the use of certified, recycled wood, which not only provides an environmentally friendly solution, but is also aesthetically pleasing. The integration of energy-saving and atmospheric lighting solutions was introduced to conserve resources and reduce operating costs.

The Brand Shop is conceived for flexibility

The flexibility of the Brand Shop is remarkable. Choose amongst attractive header designs, individual adaptations to product focus, video headers and the STAEDTLER logo as an illuminated highlight – every Brand Shop can be designed as the retailer needs. The product presentation modules are designed to be highly flexible in order to effectively display the entire range of STAEDTLER products. The shelf is extremely easy to insert, while technical components can be attached magnetically along the entire height of the Shop. The shelves allow products to be displayed vertically or horizontally and, depending on requirements, divided into up to 36 compartments.

Benefits of sustainability

The Brand Shop gives you a durable, permanent and yet flexible product presentation system that can be replenished and reorganised over and over again. The frame, shelves and modules are mainly made from wood. Energy-saving LED lights are used as lighting.

Customised Brand Shops

For individual adjustments, retailer can contact STAEDTLER's international marketing team. This is particularly useful when adaptations are required due to the retail environment or regulatory requirements, for example in retail chains. Further information about the Brand Shop, installation instructions and furnishing recommendations are available in the Brand Shop brochure, which can be requested from the sales contact person.

With its innovative shop-in-shop system, STAEDTLER sets new standards in terms of sustainability, aesthetics and functionality and invites retailers to understand the numerous advantages for their business. The future of the point of sale starts here. Be inspired and redefine your success with the STAEDTLER Brand Shop.

Totally flexible: the display system can be adapted and the design can be customised.

Image rights: STAEDTLER SE