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Pastel Handlettering

Pastel Handlettering

Step-by-step guide

Print the “Fly away with me” template and shade the back of the paper with a soft pencil. Then place the template on the paper with the lettering facing up. Fix the lettering so that it doesn’t slip.

Download template

Trace over all the outlines with the  Noris jumbo 119. The motif is transferred to the paper by the pressure.

Tip: A mechanical pencil can be used to trace over fine lines if necessary. The  graphite 777 is particularly suitable if a line has been missed out or forgotten during the transferring of the lettering.

Now you can colour in the wider parts of the lettering. Start with a dark shade from the  pastel coloured pencils 146 and then make the lettering progressively lighter. Slightly overlapping the colours creates a flow effect.

Then trace over the thin lines with the  triplus color 323. The choice of colour is based on the shade of the coloured pencils.

Now we need sharpening residues. So sharpen the coloured pencils that were being used before.

Tip: To get longer sharpening residues, sharpen the pencils without the sharpener's collection tub.

If you can still see small pencil residues, remove these now.

Use a pair of tweezers to place the sharpening residues precisely. Glue them down with super glue gel.

Using a fineliner, draw the antennae above the sharpening residues. Now the butterflies and the lettering are ready.

Overview of materials

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
Noris® jumbo 119 Learner's pencil - 3 blistercards each containing 2 learner's pencils in assorted pastel colours 119 BK2 PA 1
graphite 777 Mechanical pencil - Blistercard containing 1 mechanical pencil, line width 0.5 mm in assorted barell colours 777 05BKPA 1
STAEDTLER® 146 Coloured pencil - Cardboard box containing 12 coloured pencils in assorted colours, pastel 146 C12 PA 1
triplus® color 323 Triangular fibre-tip pen - STAEDTLER box containing 6 triplus color in assorted colours, Pastel 323 SB6 PA 1
triplus® fineliner 334 Triangular fineliner - STAEDTLER box containing 6 triplus fineliner in assorted colours, Pastel 334 SB6 PA 1
STAEDTLER® 512 PS2 Double-hole covered sharpener - Blistercard containing 1 double-hole sharpener 512PS2BKPA 1

Additionally required:

Tweezers, sheet of paper, super glue, template

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