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Lovely charcoal drawing - Deer

Lovely charcoal drawing - Deer
60 min Medium

Oh deer! What a lovely charcoal drawing which takes us into the scene of nighttime in the woods and mountains with this beautiful dear looking out for the best spot to graze. At the slightest sound it will jump right into the undergrowth. Luckily, we still got a sight of him.

Sine Hagestad

An article by Sine Hagestad

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Step-by-step tutorial

Sketch the baselines of motive with your Mars Lumograph black HB pencil, draw with lightly pencil strokes.

Download template

Draw the tree trunk and crown with the technique shown in the tutorial video, use a sharp Lumpgraph black HB pencil. To create darker or lighter pencil shades, regulate the pressure on the pen to bring depth into your drawing. Trees in the foreground are darker and drawn with a larger pressure, while trees in the background are lighter. Place a greaseproof paper under your drawing-hand, this will protect your artwork from smudging!

Outline and select darker/softer pencil shades in the edges of the deer. Highlight the inner spot of your silhouette to create an illusion of form and light. Next up, use your Mars Lumograph charcoal pencil and give it an even darker look to make it stand out. Smooth out your charcoal strokes with the estompe.

Draw the mountains and leaf-covered ground with the technique shown in the tutorial video. Again, create depth by regulating pressure while you sketch the mountains. For instance, use light pencil strokes to make an impression of foggy peaks far away. To create contrasts among the leaves on the ground, start off with Lumograph black HB, and then select darker pencil shades (ex. 4B or 6B). Blend with estompe to create a soft finish.

Complete your drawing by adding details. For instance, tree branches and bark, flying leaves or clouds. In addition, gently touch the surface with your art eraser to create more highlights if needed. Lastly, draw smooth shadows from the trees with your charcoal pencils and estompe.

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
Mars® Lumograph® charcoal 100C Charcoal pencil - Cardboard box containing 6 drawing pencils in assorted degrees, 3 charcool pencils in assorted degrees, 1 paper stump, 1 kneadable eraser and 1 double-hole sharpener 61 100C 1

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