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Lettering poster "Sweet dreams"

Lettering poster "Sweet dreams"
30 min Easy

Lovely sayings as customised decorations for children’s rooms. Are you looking for a birthday gift, or would you like to spruce up your kids’ rooms with some home-made decorations?
Then this colourful lettering is just the thing! Beautifully designed sayings and aspirations are just wonderful things to give to your children. This cheerful rainbow will put them in a good mood whenever they look at it, and will ensure they have sweet dreams once you have read them their bedtime story.


An article by Claudia

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Step-by-step tutorial

Print off the template for your desired design.

Rainbow template

Lettering template

Shade over the back of the template with a soft pencil (e.g. Mars Lumograph 7B).

Tip: The template can be enlarged to whatever size you want at a copy shop, so you can even create A2 size posters.

Attach the template (front side up) to the top corner of your lettering paper using masking tape.
Position the template so that the line of the T in “sweat” is directly over the line of the T beneath the rainbow.
Then go over the lines with a sharp HB pencil, to transfer the design onto the paper.
Before you remove the template, lift up one corner to check that you have transferred all the lines.

Go over the banner, clouds, hearts and letters with the lightfast 0.7 mm black pigment liner.

Now use the watercolour pencils to create the rainbow, working from the inside to the outside. Start with red, then orange, yellow, green and blue.

Next go over the colours with a paintbrush and some clear water to create a watercolour effect, and leave everything to dry completely.

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
Mars® Lumograph® 100 Drawing pencil - Single product 7B 100-7B 1
Mars® Lumograph® 100 Drawing pencil - Single product HB 100-HB 1
pigment liner 308 Fineliner - Single product black, line width approx. 0.7 mm 308 07-9 1
STAEDTLER® 146 10C Watercolour pencil - Metal case containing 24 watercolour pencils in asssorted colours 14610C M24 1

Additionally required:

smooth white paper (A4), water glass, paintbrush

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