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How to take a forest walk

How to take a forest walk

For the little ones it is an adventure playground, for adults it is an opportunity to escape the everyday hustle and bustle for a moment: the forest. It has another special significance for STAEDTLER - its wood is the most important raw material for pencils and coloured pencils. That’s why we're inviting you on a journey of discovery in the forest which will equip you with useful knowledge and some handy creative tips. Time to put on your walking shoes!

How much forest is there in the world?

Forests cover almost a third of the world’s land surface. This corresponds to an area four times the size of the USA. Although this sounds like a very high number, the forest has been disappearing more and more for years. Russia is richest in forest areas, followed by Brazil and Canada.

Why is the forest important?

As a habitat, the forest offers a home for numerous plants and animals, which find the best conditions there. But that’s not all: forests purify rainwater and act as water reservoirs. Have you ever wondered why the air in the forest is so fresh? Because trees filter dust and pollutants from the air. Therefore, always remember to breath deeply while walking through the woods

How old are trees?

The age of a tree depends on its type. Yew, spruce and oak trees, for example, can live up to 1,000 years. The oldest tree in the world is located in Sweden and is a spruce. It is said to be over 9,550 years old. However, only very few trees reach such a proud age, as they are already used for forestry purposes at a young age.
Tip: Children can determine the age of trees themselves during a walk in the forest. For tree stumps, simply count the annual rings. A ring represents one year.

How is the wood of the trees used?

Tree wood is an important raw material that people have always used. For example, it is used to build houses or to manufacture furniture. Cork or paper and much more are also made from trees. And of course pencils.

How do pencils come from trees?

Wooden boards are traditionally used for the production of pencils. They form the protective coat around the lead. STAEDTLER has found a way to also make pencils from wood chips. For this we use the chips that remain in the sawmill during planing and sawing. This means that more trees can continue to grow in the forest.

Take a piece of forest home with you: Crafting tips for home use

From leaves to chestnuts and blossoms: The walk not only provides inspiration, but also all kinds of materials that you can use to get creative at home. For example, a pendant made of flowers and leaves can bring the heart of the forest into your own home.

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