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I’m Eugenia and I started hand lettering four years ago. Since then my love for this creative hobby has only increased by the day. It is so diverse, at times colourful or black and white, other times vibrant or discreet, cheerful or pensive. It’s a great way to express my emotions and state of mind. I hope that I can inspire people to try out this great hobby. And I hope that my art will evoke positive feelings and spread joy. ✍️

My most important tip for beginners:
You should never compare yourself with others. You see a lot of great artists on the Internet and sometimes despair because you can’t seem to get the same results as they do. But you don’t know how long it took them to get it so beautiful. You can’t give up and you have to practise a lot. Preferably every day. Even if it’s only 5–10 minutes. Perseverance and regular practice lead to success.

► Here I show you how to get started with hand lettering.

My Instagram account: @eugis.letterliebe