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DIY mindfulness calendar

DIY mindfulness calendar

Mindful all year round
After all the turbulence of recent times, the new year 2022 should be approached with particular mindfulness so that we can once again focus on the essential things in life. Here you will find beautiful mindfulness calendars, in two different designs. It accompanies you throughout the year with motivating sayings or monthly exercises. The beautiful, understated motifs can either be kept as minimalist as they are or designed to your liking. Here you can see what options are available.


An article by Vera

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Step-by-step tutorial

Print the template on a piece of DIN A4 paper.


12 mindful exercises

Tip: Print the template on a thicker piece of paper (e.g. 120 g/m2). In the printer settings, it‘s best to choose borderless printing, so that all motifs go right to the edge.

Apply the speckles with the triplus color pens. To do this, use the triplus color in the colour of your choice to paint a spot on a transparent cover. Use the brush to absorb a little water and mix the paint well.

Then hold the brush with one hand and tap it a little with the other so that the beautiful speckles can spread well over the sheet. You can spread them out all over the sheet or just in individual areas.

The light grey designs and patterns are perfect for colouring with the triplus fineliners or the triplus color pens.

Let your creativity run wild and design your own calendar just the way you like!

The two calendar designs have enough space in each monthly box for a motivational quote or a specific monthly exercise. Use the triplus fineliners to write them in, based on your own taste.

Feel free to use some from our template or write your own ideas in the boxes.

Now you can enjoy lots of moments of mindfulness with your own homemade calendar!

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
triplus® color 323 Triangular fibre-tip pen - STAEDTLER box containing 10 triplus color in assorted colours 323 SB10 1
triplus® fineliner 334 Triangular fineliner - STAEDTLER box containing 10 triplus fineliner in assorted colours 334 SB10 1

Additionally required:

1x foldback clip or clipboard, 1x transparent cover (alternatively plastic film, overhead projector film or similar), 1x brush and a little water

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