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DIY metallic look star pendant

DIY metallic look star pendant
50 min Easy

Looking for a bit of bling?
With some FIMO soft and a cutter, it’ll only take you a few minutes to create a pendant and earrings that are sure to be real eye catchers. Leaf metal gives it that glam look. Worked in white, it not only looks as light as a feather but also retains a sense of elegance. And it makes a delightful gift idea for friends or loved ones.

Step-by-step tutorial

The star stamp is easy to make yourself out of FIMO soft:
Roll out a portion of FIMO soft white into a 2–3 mm sheet using the acrylic roller. Cut out a star shape using a small cutter (2 cm diameter). Alternatively you can cut a star out of paper (see template), place this on the FIMO soft sheet and cut round it with a knife. Now harden the star in the oven for 30 minutes at 110°C/230°F and allow to cool.

Download template

Roll out 2 portions of FIMO soft white into a sheet about 2 mm thick using the acrylic roller.

Detailed instructions on how to use leaf metal can be found on the back of the packaging. Please read these carefully before working with leaf metal.

Dampen the flat side of the little star shape with some water and press into the sheet three times, leaving enough space between the impressions.

Use the large cutter to create the pendant and the medium sized cutter to create the earrings. Position the cutter with the star in the lower half of the shape and cut out three shapes (1 large, 2 medium sized). Then use the bead piercing needle to pierce a hole at the top of each shape, in the middle. Now harden all the shapes in the oven at 110°C/230°F and allow to cool before working on them any further.

If you want to give your jewellery that bling feel, finish the star with silver leaf metal. First, use a paintbrush to paint the indentation as precisely as possible with the size for leaf metal and allow to dry for about 15 minutes.

Take a piece of leaf metal about the size of the star, place it on the star and dab with a dry paintbrush until the leaf metal fills the entire surface of the star. Brush away any surplus leaf metal from around the star using the paintbrush. 

To protect the pendant and earrings and give them a lovely shiny look, varnish them with gloss varnish. Once the gloss varnish is dry, push the split rings through the holes you made and attach to the earring hooks and a chain.

Let your imagination loose and use other shapes and embossed designs

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
FIMO® soft 8020 Oven-bake modelling clay - Single product white 8020-0 1
FIMO® 8782 Size for leaf metal - Blistercard containing 1 jar of size for leaf metal, 35 ml 8782 BK 1
FIMO® 8700 05 Acrylic roller - Blistercard containing an Acrylic roller 8700 05 1
STAEDTLER® 989 Synthetic brush - Blistercard containing 3 brushes: #2 round, #8 round, #8 flat 989-SBK3-3 1
FIMO® 8781 Leaf metal - Single product Leaf metal, silver 8781-81 1
FIMO® 8704 Gloss varnish - Blistercard containing 1 jar of gloss varnish, 35 ml 8704 01 BK 1
FIMO® 8712 20 Bead piercing needles - Blistercard containing 50 bead piercing pins 8712 20 1
FIMO® 8700 22 Oven thermometer - Blistercard containing 1 Oven thermometer 8700 22 1

Additionally required:

Smooth working surface (glass or ceramic), chain, 3 split rings,  jewellery pliers, star-shaped cutter, scissors

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