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DIY coasters in a trendy copper look

DIY coasters in a trendy copper look
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Design your own unique drinks coasters to match your table settings.
These lovely drinks mats not only protect your surfaces from watermarks, they add a touch of colour to your dinner table at the same time. Whether dinner for two, summer barbecue or birthday party – these trendy mats make a real highlight for any occasion. Sophisticated copper look or sunny yellow – choose colours that underline the motto of your event.

Take one block of FIMO effect in pearl black and roll it  out to an approx. 2 mm thick sheet on the largest setting (no. 1).

Clean the clay machine rollers thoroughly with a piece of kitchen roll or a wet wipe before you change to a different colour.

Next, print and cut out the templates. Place the paper hexagonal shape on the sheet of FIMO and use the blade to cut it out. Hold the blade straight and press down vertically along its entire length as you do so.

Downloade coasters template 

Repeat the procedure to make another sheet of the same thickness in light flesh-coloured FIMO soft. Use the rhombus template to cut out two rhombus shapes in flesh and one in pearl black.

Cut out an appropriately sized piece of leaf metal complete with backing film and place it on one of the flesh-coloured rhombus shapes. Go over it gently with a brush until the leaf metal adheres well to the FIMO surface. Cut off any excess leaf metal with the cutter or remove it with the brush.

Keep the extremely lightweight leaf metal away from draughts while you work.

One after the other, position the rhombus shapes on the black hexagonal base. Try not to leave any space between the individual elements.

Cut out a piece of baking paper, place it on the coaster and smooth over the joins with your finger applying a  little pressure as you do so to completely close the gaps. Then, very gently, WITHOUT applying any pressure, go over the coaster again with the acrylic roller. Do not roll down over the edges.

Make as many coasters as required and then harden them in the oven for 30 minutes at 110°C.

Once cool, moisten the sanding sponge and use it to smooth over the edges. Before you continue, remove any sanding dust with a cloth.

Finish off by adding a coat of FIMO gloss varnish and then allow to dry. The varnish protects the coaster from staining, spills and general wear-and-tear. After use, wipe the coaster with a slightly damp cloth. Do not clean in the dishwasher.

Whether Easter, Christmas, children’s birthday party or barbecue – these colourful coasters are certain to attract attention. Select colours to match your occasion and decorations and then get started!

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