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Come up with trendy creative projects “Made by You” - with the new colours and creative sets from FIMO

Come up with trendy creative projects “Made by You” - with the new colours and creative sets from FIMO

STAEDTLER invites all creative fans to discover the world of modelling with the expanded FIMO range. Under the motto “Made by You”, we present exciting new products that will take your creative projects to the next level. New colours with metal, plant and stone effects as well as new trending colours will tempt you in 2024.

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Shimmering metallics with depth effect

The Mica Shift technique is the key to stunning 3D illusions in your modelling work. Our FIMO effect modelling clay creates structures with a depth effect, even on smooth surfaces. The brilliantly shimmering mica glitter particles in the FIMO Metallic colours provide the 3D illusion in a light-dark contrast, and will be enriched by six new shades in 2024: The modelling clay, with its high-brilliance metallic gloss, now also shimmers its way to the shelves in burgundy red, blue, turquoise, orange, green and purple.

A few tips for anyone who wants to get started right away: particularly sophisticated depth brilliance is created by painting or sanding and polishing the modelling clay. Further spectacular shades with a brilliantly shimmering mica effect can be created, for example, by mixing metallic mother-of-pearl with FIMO soft or professional. You can find more techniques for fascinating effects with FIMO on our website.

An extraordinary stone look available from 2024

FIMO’s unlimited versatility also extends to the world of stone optics. From 2024, we will be offering three modelling clays in granite colours, which will give your projects a unique, natural touch and represent an effective addition to FIMO oven-hardening modelling clays. The characteristic shades with a slight glitter effect consist of modelling compounds with biodegradable glitter.

Boho meets botanical

For those who love a romantic, playful boho look, we present the botanical colours of FIMO effect. These six harmonious colours with plant-based particles, including 'seaweed', 'rose', 'sunflower', 'spinach', 'mallow' and 'rose hip', bring the more unpredictable feel of nature into your project. The texture and colours actually come from real plant parts and give our modelling clay a unique look.

The new FIMO effect Botanical colours consist of plant particles and include “seaweed”, “rose”, “sunflower”, “spinach”, “mallow” and “rose hip”.

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Summer vibes with the new on-trend colours

For fans of the trendy boho look, we have the FIMO effect material pack “Boho Colours” on offer. This set of twelve perfectly matched half-blocks will make romantic and playful creative projects even more exciting. Combine the botanical colours with the new FIMO soft trend colours, including “strawberry cream”, “frozen berry”, “serenity blue”, “ocean wave”, “papaya sorbet” and “beach grass”, to create a casual and effortless look.

For fans of the boho look, there is the FIMO effect material pack “Boho Colours”.

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Inspiration and technique with how-to-create kits

Create anything easily from FIMO! Whether wood, denim, marble, abalone, slab or a knitted design – with the FIMO How-to-Create sets, you will learn step-by-step how to enter the fascinating world of a wide variety of modelling techniques. We offer six new sets with instructions, each with four half blocks of FIMO and selected accessories, such as a modelling roller, modelling stick, varnish, cookie cutters and a jewellery card for giving away your self-made FIMO jewellery.

Whether wood, denim, marble, abalone, slab or knitted design – with the six new FIMO How-to-Create sets, you will learn step-by-step how to enter the fascinating world of a wide variety of modelling techniques.

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Unique FIMO jewellery

Create impressive pieces of jewellery from FIMO with our two new jewellery accessory sets. These sets offer an attractive selection of jewellery blanks, including stud earrings, necklaces, rings and bangles, to conjure up unique one-of-a-kind pieces and are the perfect addition to the FIMO How-to-Create sets.

Creativity for Easter with FIMOair

For those who want to quickly and easily create beautiful Easter decorations, we offer the new Easter Craft Kit. With selected accessories and instructions, it is ideal for Easter decorations and gifts “Made by You”. Since FIMOair dries in the air, the project does not require an oven.

Create beautiful Easter decorations quickly and easily with the FIMOair Easter creative set.

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Experience FIMO in your specialist store

For the retail sector, we have three new attractive counter displays that are perfectly matched to the six new botanical colours of FIMO effect, the new FIMO soft trend colours and the six new How-to-Create sets.

More information about our FIMO range:

FIMO Made by You

Unleash your creativity and create unique masterpieces with FIMO “Made by You”. We’re excited to see what creative projects you’ll come up with.

Three new attractive counter displays for retailers that are coordinated with the new trending colours, botanical colours and the new How-to-Create sets.

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