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Hello! I am Bea, a hand lettering artist from Spain. My creative journey began around 2016–2017 when I started hand lettering as a hobby. With my background in engineering, I was looking for something that would allow me to explore my artistic side. Learning different calligraphy and lettering techniques helped me develop my own style, which I like to describe as colourful and fun. Brush lettering and 3D lettering are two of my absolute favourites! ✍️

With hand lettering, I usually try to convey a message. Of course, I hope that the message evokes a certain feeling or moves others to action. I always try to encourage people to try or learn something new, even if it’s scary or they feel they’re not good enough. I started hand lettering almost by accident and achieved things I never thought were possible. So I hope to inspire other people to start their own journey too.

My most important tip for beginners:
My main tip for beginners is to find something they really enjoy and learn at their own pace. We all compare ourselves to others, but that can discourage us if we think we’re not progressing fast enough. We don’t know how many hours of practice and work go into other people’s artwork, so it’s not fair to compare it to ours.

Oh! And learn the basics. We can’t develop a good personal style if the fundamentals are wrong!

► Here I show you how to get started with hand lettering.

My Instagram account: @bealettering