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Modelling tools

Modelling tools

FIMO modelling tools enable you to achieve the perfect look for your creative ideas. Whether shaping, cutting, smoothing or impressing patterns into the clay – these tools offer numerous options. In addition, they are all easy to use. Find the appropriate modelling tools that will help you bring your creative ideas to life.

Wide range of FIMO modelling tools

FIMO modelling tools are specifically designed for working with modelling clay. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional and whether it’s for shaping, cutting, smoothing, or accentuating details – the wide range of FIMO modelling tools from STAEDTLER offers the perfect tool for every possible result:

  • FIMO modelling tool for advanced users
  • FIMO tools made from plastic, which are also ideal for beginners
  • FIMO sanding sponges
  • FIMO acrylic roller
  • FIMO blades
  • FIMO clay extruder

By the way: You will find the appropriate tool for every type of clay in our range of FIMO modelling tools. From FIMO soft through FIMO professional and FIMO effect to FIMOair – the accessories can be used in many different ways.

Tip: For young artists crafting with FIMO kids, the work&play tools developed specifically for this series are the ideal choice. These tools are lighter, which also makes them easier for children to hold. In addition, they have rounded edges so there is no risk of injury.

Achieve the desired result with FIMO modelling tools

Various tools offer a wide range of possibilities for creating the optimum finish:



Who are they suitable for?

FIMO modelling tools made from stainless steel

  • Shaping
  • Smoothing
  • Accentuating
  • Advanced users
  • Artists

FIMO modelling tool set made from plastic

  • Shaping
  • Smoothing
  • Creating patterns
  • For beginners and advanced users alike

FIMO sanding sponges

  • For wet sanding of modelled items
  • For smoothing hardened surfaces

Good to know: The sponges can be washed and are therefore reusable.

  • For beginners and advanced users

FIMO acrylic roller

  • Evenly rolls out the modelling clay
  • Smoothes the surface
  • Beginners through to professionals

FIMO blades

  • For cutting unhardened modelling clay
  • With rubber grip to prevent injury
  • For beginners and advanced users alike

FIMO clay extruder

  • For producing strings from unhardened modelling clay in a variety of shapes
  • 20 different motif discs in various diameters

Good to know: Minimal effort is needed to operate the crank handle. There’s no need to stop from time to time.

  • For advanced users

Perfect your creative ideas with FIMO modelling tools

Use tools from STAEDTLER to make unique pieces of jewellery, beautiful decorative items for the home or personal gifts. Create the perfect surface for your modelled pieces using sanding sponges. Make accurate cuts or impress and score unique patterns into your creations.

Let your imagination run free, there are no limits to your creativity. FIMO modelling tools will help you achieve the perfect result.