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It’s in our hands. Pencils and coloured pencils – Made from upcycled wood.

It’s in our hands. Pencils and coloured pencils – Made from upcycled wood.

Upcycling for a sustainable future

It is our job to preserve nature for us, our children and grandchildren. For this reason, we have developed a process to use wood - the most important material for our pencils - even more efficiently. We manufacture our upcycled wood pencils  from wood chips produced in the wood processing industry. In this way, we use resources efficiently, protect the environment and give even the smallest wood residues a new purpose.

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From wood chips to pencils

Upcycling to a new destination: Upcycling transforms residual or waste materials into something new. While these substances lose some of their value during recycling or downcycling, you experience an upgrade during upcycling and often receive a new purpose. More than a decade ago, we developed a process to use upcycling in the production of our pencils. Since then, in addition to classic wood-cased pencils made from wooden boards, we have also produced high-quality pencils made from wood chips.

Confirmed sustainable: We use wood chips for pencils made from upcycled wood, which are produced during sawing and planing processes in the wood processing industry. This wood comes from PEFC-certified (PEFC/04-31-1227), predominantly German forests, which are managed in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable manner.

Short transport distances: All our products made from upcycled wood are “Made in Germany”. The extraction of wood chips and production therefore take place in the same country – this lets us keep transport routes short and energy-efficient and ensures the best quality.

Good for the environment – good to use

Robust for the long term: Thanks to the innovative manufacturing process, pencils made from upcycled wood are particularly break-resistant. The pencils are characterised by their durability and thus prolong the colouring and writing experience. This is also good for the environment, because what lasts a long time doesn't need replacing until much later.

Peace of mind: Our upcycled wood pencils have a higher material density. This makes them slightly heavier and therefore more stable in the hand. The non-slip soft surface ensures a pleasant writing experience.

Our products - made from upcycled wood:

Our sustainable range of upcycled wood isn't just green: these wood chip pencils are also shatter-proof and available in numerous colours as well as variations in classic hexagonal or ergonomic triangular shapes. Discover a special range here:

Noris® 183 Noris® 183 Graphite pencil Single product HB
Noris® colour 185 Noris® colour 185 Coloured pencil Cardboard box containing 36 coloured pencils in assorted colours

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