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FIMO Made by You

FIMO Made by You

FIMO is exactly your thing: What used to be arts and crafts with dough, today is the realisation of one’s own ideas with professional modelling clay.
Children, beginners, hobby artists and professional artists can find their ideal modelling clay here. 
FIMO from STAEDTLER makes you unique. Your creativity. In your colours. With your style. FIMO is as unique as you are.

On this page you will find everything you need to know about FIMO:

FIMO soft - this soft modelling clay can be immediately modelled and easily mixed – perfect for beginners and hobby artists.

FIMO soft

24 colours



Mix colours
Model whichever way you want

FIMO leather-effect looks and feels very similar to leather. This unique feature opens up entirely new possibilities for modelling.

FIMO leather-effect

Model whichever way you want
Very flexible
Mix colours
Cutting and punching
Combining layers
Designing the surface

With FIMO effect, your creativity is given a shine, shimmer or glitter. This modelling clay can be used to create entirely new trends in works of art.

FIMO effect

Model whichever way you want
Mix colours
8 different effects

FIMO kids is a particularly soft modelling clay that is specially made for children’s hands and allows the little ones to shape individual works of art in an instant.

FIMO kids

Model whichever way you want
Mix colours
Easy to model

Thanks to the highest quality, FIMO professional is suitable for delicate design at the highest level.

 FIMO professional

Model whichever way you want
Precise modelling
Mix colours

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Let yourself be inspired!

Make your accessories, home decorations or your new favourite piece of jewellery a reality. With FIMO, there are no limits to your creativity. Check out our inspiring tutorials:

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