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FIMO Accessoires

FIMO Accessoires

Do you enjoy working with FIMO modelling clay and want to take your creations to the next level? Creating detailed shapes, impressive surfaces and original details couldn’t be easier thanks to our FIMO accessories – such as jewellery accessories, modelling tools, shaped cutters, moulds, and leaf metal or varnishes for surface treatment. Discover the wide range of possibilities STAEDTLER FIMO accessories offer!

Bring creative ideas to life with FIMO Accessories

Create your own stunning pieces of jewellery, beautiful decorative items or personal gifts. These can all be easily made from modelling clay with the aid of practical tools and effective media for surface treatment – all available in the wide range of FIMO accessories from STAEDTLER:

  • Jewellery accessories: Create delicate beads in a range of different shapes or delight in the results you can achieve with our DIY Jewellery Packs.
  • Modelling tools: Create custom pieces of art – using various tools for shaping, smoothing and accentuating unique details and original patterns.
  • Surface treatment: Use leaf metal, metallic powder and gloss or matt varnishes to give your pieces a beautiful finish.
  • Shaped cutters and moulds: Produce complex motifs as fun gift tags or stylish decorations for the home.

FIMO jewellery accessories: beautiful pieces for a striking look

Creating unique pieces of jewellery from decorated shapes doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, with our jewellery accessories in the FIMO Accessories range it couldn’t be easier.

  • Use the bead shaper to easily make beads of the same size in three different shapes: bicone, olive and ball beads.
  • Use our special bead-piercing pins to pierce holes in FIMO beads that have not yet hardened ready for threading.

Tip: Perfect for all amateur artists: our DIY jewellery packs contain everything you need to create two pieces of jewellery. Create stunning rings, earrings or necklaces in no time at all from modelling clay like FIMO soft or FIMO effect.

Precise results with FIMO modelling tools

FIMO modelling tools are specifically designed to create the optimum finish when working with modelling clay. They are simple to use and make it easy for you to achieve the desired result. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can choose from a variety of tools. These include, for example:

  • Grind ‘n Polish set: Sanding sponges
  • Blade sets: For exact cutting results
  • FIMO professional tool: For shaping, smoothing or accentuating details
  • Clay scraper set: For creating original patterns, aimed at experienced artists

Create impressive finishes with FIMO accessories for surface treatment

The FIMO Accessories for surface treatment allow you to add that special extra something to your creations:

  • Use our texture sheets to create effective surfaces with a wood or leather look, for example.
  • Use leaf metal in gold, silver or copper to create sophisticated accents and make your pieces truly stand out.
  • Matt or gloss varnish protects the surface and provides a beautiful finish.

Produce impressive shapes in no time at all with FIMO accessories

Our moulds allow you to create some fantastic motifs. Available in a wide range of themes, you’ll find the right motifs to suit your needs – whatever the occasion, season or style. The moulds each have their own individual texture/shape. The extra-flexible push moulds (8725) are particularly suitable for oven-hardening FIMO, as they are made from very durable material. The clay moulds (8742) are great to use with air-drying FIMOair, as you can leave the clay to dry a little in the mould before demoulding. These moulds are characterised by their beautifully detailed designs.

Tip: FIMOair light, our extremely lightweight modelling clay, is particularly suitable for making hanging decorations and objects.