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Data Protection Statement

Thank you very much for your interest in our website. Protection of your privacy is very important to us.

With this privacy statement, we inform you in detail about how your data is processed through this website by the controller, STAEDTLER Nordic A/S (hereinafter also: "STAEDTLER", "we" or "us").

1. Data controller and data privacy contact options

Høffdingsvej 22
DK-2500 Valby
Phone: +45 3617 4344

Data privacy contact:

2. Categories, sources and origin of personal data processed

The data we are processing is usually collected directly from you. Which data we process depends on the underlying context: Therefore, we may process different personal data if you just visit our website, if you visit our website and agree to the use of marketing-cookies, if you ask us a question or if you, for instance, should lodge a complaint.

The categories of data we are processing in case you are visiting our website or initiate or participate in any particular interaction with us or our content is subject to description within the respective special sections of this privacy statement.

In case you should contact us in any matter of your choice, we may use the information you provide us in this regard, as we do not set any requirements concerning data which has to be provided in such event. However, it appears as quite likely, that you will provide us at least your contact data, your name and a description of your inquiry. Please be ensured that we will process all data we receive in such context only to provide the support you are requesting. We encourage you to help minimizing data by only submitting the personal data which is objectively required in the respectively underlying case.

3. Your rights as a data subject

As per applicable data protection law, you may be entitled to the following rights – if not stated otherwise for certain jurisdictions in particular, such is free of charge, possible at any time and without requiring you to name any reason and without requiring you to align to any formal requirement:

STAEDTLER as a controller, however, is granting these rights to any data subject regardless of the data protection law applying. To exercise these rights, please contact us any way – preferably through

Moreover, you are entitled to not being subject to any fully-automated decision-making with effect on you. We allow to mention that such decisions are not taken by our company.

Finally, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority at the place of your (usual) residence, our statutory seat or anywhere the alleged violation of your rights as a data subject may have taken place.

Please note the following with respect to your right to object against a data processing:

If we should be entitled to process your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing as per applicable data protection laws of the jurisdiction governing the relevant marketing measure, you may be entitled to object to this data processing at any time without having to provide the reasons for such objection and without having to adhere to any formal requirement.

This also applies to profiling insofar as it is related to direct marketing. If you should object to the processing of data for direct marketing purposes, we will no longer process your personal data for direct marketing.

Should we process your data to protect legitimate interests, you may object to such processing at any time for reasons that arise from your specific situation; this also applies to profiling based on these provisions.

We will then cease to process your personal information unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for processing that outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms, or in case the processing is intended to assert, exercise or defend legal claims.

4. Purposes and legal bases of data processing

Your personal data may be processed to initiate and execute business, contracts and the customer relationship. Moreover, your data may be used to comply with contractual and legal requirements. Circumstances given, your personal data my also be used for marketing purposes, which may include direct marketing.

Therefore, the legal basis for processing may especially be pre-contractual measures, execution of a contract, post-contractual requirements (altogether “contracts”), legal requirements, our legitimate interest in processing your data and, of course, your consent if such is legally required and provided.

Please be informed that we may offer additional and / or special information on a particular processing together with such processing. We allow to mention, that in cases where we should be entitled or obliged to process sensitive data, any respectively applying legal requirements are complied with. In such cases, we will provide according information through separate communication.

5. Recipients and transfer of the personal data, transfer of personal data to third countries

Unless indicated differently in this data protection statement, requested from your side or legitimately required to handle issues which are reaching beyond this area, your personal data will not be transferred to any third parties and it will be processed only within the EU and the EEA. However, your data may be transferred to public bodies such as, e.g. social insurance, tax authorities, criminal prosecution services and courts. If so required, we may also transfer your data to our lawyers etc. in cases of legal disputes. Within our company and global organization, we ensure that personal data is accessible only to those persons and functions who have a respective need to know as per their underlying official tasks.

Besides these cases of data transfers, we may cooperate with external service providers who are processing personal data in their capacity of a data processor. Before such transfer of or access to data by third parties starts, we are entering into according and adequate data protection agreements or ensure that further instruments of data protection -as per applicable law- are present. Such further instruments, for instance, can be data protection contracts, standard data protection clauses, binding corporate rules or other warranties.

6. Safety

When data is transferred in open networks, such as the internet, protection of the data according to the current industry-standard cannot be comprehensively ensured. This means, data cannot be seamlessly protected against unauthorized third-party access. Therefore, we encourage you to not provide any confidential data through the internet (e.g. by email) – at least not without sufficient protection. To provide for adequate protection, all forms we may offer on our website where personal data may be entered into are encrypted according to the current safety protocols. As an alternative, you may provide data by surface mail.

7. Obligation to provide personal data

Please note, that you are basically not obliged to provide any personal data to use our website. However, certain interaction with us you may initiate through our website may require you to provide certain personal data. Where such is the case, we have marked the corresponding requirement clearly visible. Also in such cases, you are completely free to provide us personal data. However, we kindly ask you to consider, that the underlying interaction may require you to name certain personal data. If you should not provide this data or all of it, we may not be able to properly deal with your request or even to handle your request at all.

7.1 Data retention and data deletion

Your data is processed as long as we are entitled or obliged to do so. Please consider that we may especially be obliged to store certain personal data even beyond the factual ending of any interaction or contractual relationship, as respective legal requirements may apply. Here, especially, commercial and fiscal retention shall be mentioned, which may outlast a terminated contractual relationship for several years.

On a regular basis, we adhere to the statutory retention applying, which in case of a processing executed under the jurisdiction of our statutory seat is three years. Should a processing be based on your declaration of consent, we shall cease processing and delete the underlying data as soon as you have revoked your consent, provided that no statutory retention is outlasting this event. In case of a legal dispute, we may be entitled to retain your data for even thirty years – as per the law of our statutory seat.

8. Processing of personal data in regard of interactions with our website

8.1 Processing of data when browsing our website

When you browse our website, technical data is logged. This means, the data is entered into a technical logfile which is processed on our servers. These logfiles (electronic protocols) use to safeguard the operation of our site in a technical secure way and may be retained for up to 30 days for purposes of evidence.

Such data records contain your IP address, date and time of the request, name of the requested file, the transferred data volume and access status, a description of the web browser and operating system used and the name of your Internet Service Provider. This data is processed for technical reasons in order to ensure smooth connection and comfortable use of the website, as well as for purposes of evaluation of system safety and system stability. Moreover, we intend to identify potential cases of abuse and fraud.

The legal basis for the aforementioned processing is our legitimate interest in safely and technically properly operating our website, as well as fraud prevention. Our legitimate interests are resulting from the purposes listed above. In no case shall we use any personal data for other purposes than the ones mentioned within this privacy statement.

Evaluation of your data will only be executed for statistical purposes and without any personal reference. In other words: If we should use such information for any statistical purpose, we will anonymize it before such processing starts - if we do not rely on data which is already anonymously collected, we shall only process or transfer personal data if we are legally obliged or entitled to do so or if you have provided your respective consent.

8.2 Contacting us

If you contact us, e.g. by addressing your request to one of the contact mail-boxes listed on our website e-mail, the information you provide shall be processed for handling your request including potential subsequent correspondence. However, your data may be processed for contractual purposes in case your request should address a contractual matter.

On a regular basis, you have to provide an e-mail-address, your name and salutation to enable us to deal with your contact request individually. Should we offer contact forms for specified inquiries, we may request different and/ or additional data on a mandatory basis. Such data shall always be clearly marked. In addition, we may offer options to provide further data on a voluntary basis, which can enable you to personalize or further specify your inquiry. In addition, certain technical data, such as your IP-address, is processed for technical reasons.

The legal basis for this processing of personal data depends on the underlying individual case and may be of contractual nature or result from our legitimate interest in handling any non-contractual request, respectively from your consent which shall be declared by submitting your request. Your data will not be used for any other purpose than to handle your request.

​​​​​​​8.3 Competitions

On our website, we may from time to time offer you the option to participate in competitions we organize. Should you complete the set of data marked as a mandatory requirement for your participation, we shall process this data for purposes of executing the competition, only. In any case, you will only have to provide personal data to the extent objectively required for your participation. That data may differ as per individual competition and the respectively underlying terms and conditions we may implement.

For technical reasons and to protect our legal interests, your IP-address is processed in addition. We kindly ask you to consider that your participation may require you to offer certain data, which we may have specified, for instance by an “*” or within our terms and conditions. Should you decide to not offer all the mandatory information, you may not be able to participate in the competition. Should you only offer the mandatory information, this will not affect your ability to participate. Should you ask us to delete your data in whole or in parts before the competition is over, you will no longer be able to participate with effect from the time of your notification.

The legal basis of processing depends on whether you just have declared your will to participate, which is your consent at the same time or if your participation depends on your acceptance of terms and conditions we may have implemented as a precondition of your participation, where the latter is a contractual requirement from the perspective of data privacy law. In no case, we shall process your personal data for any other purpose than to enable your participation. An exception may apply if we should have informed you about our intent to process the data for further purposes, such as, e.g., direct marketing.

Your data will be deleted as soon as the competition terminates, where exceptions or particularities may be mentioned in the underlying terms and conditions which apply to your participation.

​​​​​​​8.4 Newsletter

On our website, you may subscribe to a newsletter which is free of charge. Should you subscribe to our newsletter, your e-mail-address will be used to send our newsletter. For reasons of technical requirements and to protect our legal interests, your IP-address is also processed in this regard.

To safeguard the rights of the persons owning the e-mail-accounts entered into our list of newsletter-recipients, we have implemented the so-called “double-opt-in-process”. This means, you will not receive e-mails of advertorial content before the legitimate owner of the inbox will have clicked the confirmation-link sent with a first blank message after registration.

You may unsubscribe from our newsletter anytime, which qualifies as a withdrawal of consent. Such delisting can be initiated by clicking the opt-out-link embedded into every newsletter we send. Your e-mail-address is not used for any other purpose than to send you the newsletters you have subscribed for.

The legal basis is your declaration of consent.

If you open our newsletter or click one of the links embedded, this will be logged through our webserver – including data, time and e-mail-address. This serves statistical purposes. The data, however, will not be combined to create personal profiles. The legal basis therefore is our legitimate interest in optimizing our content.

​​​​​​​8.5 Integration of services and third-party content

In some cases, this website may integrate content of third parties, e.g. services provided by Google Maps, RSS feeds or graphs originating from third party websites. For technical reasons, such requires your IP-address to be transferred to the respective content-provider. Although we may not influence whether and to which extent such providers are processing your data, we have implemented any available instrument to safeguard that your personal information is only processed for the purposes named. However, third party providers may execute further processing operations as per their privacy statements which we kindly ask you to consult prior to the use of external content we may embed. For more detailed information, please consult the respective sections of this privacy statement on such technologies.

9. Cookies

We may use "cookies" for purposes of operating our site technically safely and securely, which is our legitimate interest as a website-operator and which, again, is the legal basis of such processing. Additionally, we may use cookies for purposes of advertising, tracking or profiling, provided we have your consent. For consent options, please consult our consent-management-banner. Please note that your request is asked for even if you should reside in a place where local jurisdiction should not require us to obtain your consent.

Cookies are small text files that your browser stores on the hard disc of your device. Cookies may originate from STAEDTLER itself or from third party providers, where the origin is indicated in our consent management for every cookie. Should such cookies originate from Social networks, please consider the likelihood of a combination of the data generated through your website use and a profile you may have with the respective network by the respective network. Such combination may not even require that you are logged into such account and browse our website in parallel (for details see our information on social networks and social network plugins in this privacy statement). However, it is recommended to log if from your social media accounts before accepting social network cookies as this might minimize the risk of data allocations as described here.

We use cookies to better understand how our website is used and to improve your user-experience. For instance, cookies help us to identify whether a page of our website has been visited by a user before or if we were able to attract this individual as new user. Cookies will auto-delete themselves after a pre-defined period, which usually does not outlast one year. Details may be obtained from our consent-management. However, please consult our specific cookie information for further details. Such additional information may be obtained from this privacy statement or from our websites´ consent-management.

These cookies do not necessarily store your personal data. You can set your internet browser so that storage of cookies on your hard disc is prevented or in a way that you will be asked every time if you agree to cookies being placed, before browsing our website.

Cookies once stored on your device can be deleted again any time. Please consider that respective settings are required per device and please note that additional information on this aspect can be obtained from the operating instructions of your browser.

However, you may basically use our website without accepting consent-based cookies as well, where it shall not be left unmentioned that certain restrictions may apply in this case. Such, again, does not affect the use of cookies we need to implement for a safe and secure operation of our website but may be valid for any cookies we may use for further purposes.

This means that you may be able to browse our website as such, where at the same time certain interactions with website-functions we may offer, may be limited or even impossible in case we are just allowed to use technically required cookies. Cookies we may use for purposes beyond the latter purpose will always require your consent. In the former case of technically required cookies, our legitimate interest in such secure and safe operation is the legal basis for processing.

For detailed information on the single cookies we may use, please consult the respective sections of this privacy statement.

Currently, we may implement the following cookies as per your choice:

​​​​​​​9.1 Google Analytics

Basing either on our legitimate interest or based on your consent we are using Google Analytics, a web analyzing service provided by Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland (“Google”). We are implementing Google server-side and are collecting the data ourselves at first. In a further step of processing, the information is transferred to Google for evaluation purposes. A direct data-connection between you and Google is not established at any time given. There are no cookies or further technology used which would access information on your device.

We may process the following data:

During your use of our website, this data is processed for analytical purposes and based on a range measurement. Here, your interests in keeping your privacy protected and in the protection of further rights you may have, have been balanced in detail against our interest in evaluating how our inline content is used. Not only because this data is generated anyway whenever you are browsing our website, we have come to the result that our interest in processing the data is outweighing your potentially contrary interests. The legal basis for processing is our legitimate interest. For purposes of the protection of your personal data and to keep the intervention as minimal as possible, an evaluation without your consent is executed as a general range-measuring, only. Such, however, does not allow for an identification of the single user. In this case, the data is anonymized or aggregated in clusters or even pseudonymized before being transferred to Google, which results in the fact that there is no link to the data subject any longer in the very moment the data is transferred to Google. Moreover, this safeguards that also Google is not able to draw any conclusion related to a single user. Therefore, we are rounding your screen resolution, shorten / anonymize your IP-address etc., where each of these measures is implemented before your data is transferred to Google, which, by the way, is executed by a transfer via our own webserver. To prevent any tracking without consent, an identifier is placed within every single session. This identifier is active as pseudonym and is created randomly. By using such identifiers, we are preventing conclusions about technical parameters or in any further way on single users from being drawn.

If you should want to contradict the aforementioned processing of your data, please contact us though

As an alternative, you may declare your contradiction against this processing by changing your settings in our consent banner.

Should you provide your consent into a processing of data with Google Analytics, we will use your data for purposes of a usage analysis as mentioned above. In such case, your data is transferred to Google for evaluation purposes and without being anonymized or pseudonymized. In such case, the information is transferred to a Google-server in the US as described and will be stored there. Google´s IP-anonymization is active which means that your IP-address is shortened within the EU respectively within a member state to the European Economic Area before being transferred. Google is not storing the IP-address. Only in exceptional cases, the complete IP-address is transferred to Google.

Google will use this information upon order by the operator of this website to evaluate your use of this website, to create reports about website-activities and to provide the operator of this website further services which are related to the use of the website and the use of the internet. The IP-address your browser transfers when Google Analytics is used, will not be merged with further data at Google´s.

Sessions and campaigns will automatically be terminated after a certain time. As a standard, sessions are terminated after 30 minutes of inactivity, where campaigns are terminated after 6 months. The users´ personal data is deleted after 14 months or is anonymized as an alternative.

Should the processing be based on your consent, Google will process and store your personal data within the US. By respective contractual regulations and warranties, the European level of data protection is safeguarded when personal data is transferred to or processed in third countries. A processing or storing of personal data may also be executed based on your consent, in such case you will explicitly be informed hereon as well as on your option to withdraw your consent.

You are entitled to withdraw your consent anytime with effect for the future. To do this, just access our consent banner and decline the respective setting. Please consider that changes within the consent-banner-settings have to be implemented per device.

This website is using the IP-anonymization function Google offers. Moreover, a contract on the processing of personal data has been entered into with Google. In addition, you may deactivate Google Analytics by a browser-add-on.

Further information on the terms of use and on data privacy may be obtained from and

Additional information may be obtained from (general information and data privacy).

9.2 Google Ads Remarketing

On our website, Google Remarketing, a web-viewing-service offered by Google, is operated. These services enable us to place interest-based ads, as it allows to address users who have visited the websites or who have used it´s offers by placing adequate ads on websites within the Google Partner Network. Google uses cookies for this purpose. Cookies are small text files consisting of a certain series of figure (Cookie-ID), Google stores on your device. Google uses these cookies to identify you’re your browser during your visits to other websites and to address it by interest-based ads. The information created by the cookie will be transferred to google-servers in the USA and stored there for one month. For purposes of placing respective ads, Google might potentially us the IP-address of your browser as well.

Google is processing and storing your personal data in the US. By respective contractual agreements and warranties, it is safeguarded that transfers to and processing of personal data in third countries are executed on a level comparable to the one within the EU. A transfer of data to or storing within third countries may also be executed based on your consent. In this case will provide respective information when obtaining your consent and will inform you about your right to revoke your consent, as well.

Please consider that Google Ads Remarketing is a service offered by a company which is an independent third party (Google), which´s processing of personal data we may not influence. Further information on how Google is handling personal information and Google´s privacy policy may be obtained from

If you do not want to receive interest-based ads, you may prevent cookies from being stored on your device by respective browser-settings.

You may also deactivate respective cookies by Google thru

As an alternative, you may prevent third parties from using cookies by browsing the network operators initiatives’ deactivation page ( and by making the settings as respectively offered there.

The legal basis of processing is your consent.

9.3 Facebook Pixel

With your permission, we use the “Facebook Pixel”, provided by Meta Inc., One Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA (hereinafter: "Facebook").

The pixel allows to track the behavior a user shows after having been presented or clicked a Facebook-ad. By the pixel, we can identify, whether a user has been redirected to our website after having clicked one of our ads and if the user has purchased the product or service mentioned in the ad (so-called conversion tracking).

The processing uses to identify the effectivity of Facebook-ads for statistical purposes and for purposes of market research. Such evaluation may contribute to an optimization of future marketing measures.

The data identified is anonymous as far as we are concerned and do not allow us to identify you personally. However, the data is processed by Facebook which allows Facebook to establish a link between this data and a Facebook-account a user may have. This way, Facebook may process the data for its own advertising purposes as per Facebook´s data use statement, which can be obtained from Please consider that we are nor responsible for Facebook´s use of data within their own sphere and that we may not influence such processing.

In addition, we may use Facebook´s “Custom Audiences”, if you grant your respective consent.

With Custom Audiences, your profile may be assigned to a target group when you visit our website. Moreover, we may define certain target groups, for instance as per different interests, and transfer this information to Facebook. This function safeguards that only the Facebook-users who belong to the defined target-group are shown respective advertising.

As per information available from Facebook, the Pixel processes browser information, websites visited and hashed Facebook-IDs of the website users. Such may require a transfer of data to Facebooks´ servers in the US. Facebook is certified under the Transatlantic Data Privacy Framework which means that your data receive adequate protection.

Your consent into our use of the Facebook Pixel and Facebook Custom Audiences may be revoked anytime through our consent banner. As an alternative, you may use the following opt-out-link:

To deactivate the use of cookies on your computer, you may set your web-browser to not accept cookies any longer, respectively to delete cookies already placed.

9.4 Friendly Captcha

On our website, we may use the service friedlycaptcha, provided by Friendly Captcha GmbH, Am Anger 3-5, 82237 Wörthsee, Germany. The tool is used to identify, whether entries on our website originate from human interaction or if such is executed by automated and abusive processing. Measures implemented for purposes of checking and security provide for the identification of human interaction. For this purpose, the IP-address and potentially further technically required data is transferred to friendlycaptcha. The legal basis for this processing is our legitimate interest in preventing abusive use of our resources and spam.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​9.5 Google Maps

With your consent present, we may use Google Maps (API), a Service provided by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (hereinafter: "Google") . To provide for data protection, the service is disabled by default when you visit our website for the first time. A direct connection to Googles´ servers is not established before you autonomously activate Google maps or declared your consent through our consent-management. This way, no data shall be transferred to Google before you have taken a decision to allow a respective transfer. Your consent, therefore, is the legal basis for such processing. You are entitled to revoke your consent anytime through our consent-management.

Google may transfer your data to the USA and process it there. Google is certified under the Transatlantic Data Privacy Framework, which is our instrument safeguarding an adequate data protection in the US. Should you wish to no longer having your data processed by Google for the aforementioned purposes, you may completely deactivate the services of Google Maps by deactivating JavaScript in your web browser. In this case, you will not be able to use Google Maps on our Website.

For further Information about Google please consult

Google´s general terms of use may be obtained from, the particular terms for Google Maps may be obtained from

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​9.6 YouTube

With your consent, we may embed videos of YouTube into our website. The underlying technology requires a transfer of personal data to YouTube-servers, which may be located in the USA. YouTube belongs to Google which is certified under the Transatlantic Data Privacy Framework. This, at the same time, safeguards that your data is handled on a level of data privacy comparable to the one in the EU and is our instrument for data transfer, as well. As your personal data may be transferred to further third countries to enable the YouTube functionalities described, we shall mention that adequate data protection instruments have been implemented to safeguard an appropriate level of data privacy.

Embedding of YouTube videos is implemented by “framing” which means that a link provided by YouTube is made part to the website source code which creates a visual frame on our website through which the content can be played by getting loaded directly from a YouTube-server.

We are embedding the faming-codes generated by YouTube in extended data privacy mode. According to YouTube this results in the circumstance that the cookies are not activated before you push the play-button. A processing of personal data which would already be initiated by just browsing our website would therefore be prevented.

To protect your personal data, we are using the so-called two-klick-solution. This means all YouTube-contend is deactivated by default and will not be activated and loaded from YouTube-servers before you klick the button “activate content”. By clicking this button, you declare your consent into a transfer of your IP-address to YouTube and into cookies being placed by the provider. Once declared, your consent is valid for one year. This, however, is implemented by placing a so called local-storage-object in your devices´ browser.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​9.7 Google Doubleclick

With your consent present, our website may use DoubleClick, an online marketing tool provided by Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House Barrow Street Dublin 4, Ireland (“Google”). However, being a global network, Google may transfer your data to third countries, especially to the USA. Google is certified under the Transatlantic Data Privacy Framework, which results in an adequate level of data protection. Additionally, we have entered into adequate data protection contract with Google to have the required instrument for data privacy present.

DoubleClick uses Cookies to place ads o relevance for the user, to improve reports on the performance of advertising campaigns and to avoid that users are presented ads repeatedly. Google uses a cookie-ID to identify which ads have been placed in which browser to prevent multiple repetitions. Additionally, Google may track so-called conversions which are related to ads. This means that Google is able to identify, whether a user has interacted with an ad and if such interaction resulted in buying the promoted item. As per Google, DoubleClick-cookies do not process personal information.

For reasons of the marketing technologies implemented, your browser will automatically establish a connection to Google´s servers. We may not influence the extent and the further use of data Google collects through this cookie and shall state that we inform our users on the basis of the information available from Google: If DoubleClick is embedded, Google receives the information that a user has browsed the respective parts of our web content or that a user has clicked our ad. Should you be registered with a Google-service, Google may assign such interaction to your Google-account. Even if you should not be registered with Google or if you should have registered with Google but are currently not logged into your account, it is possible that Google may identify and further process your IP-address.

You may prevent participating in this web-tracking by:

Please be advised that not all functionalities of our web-content may be available in case you opt to deactivate cookies as described.

Further Information on DoubleClick may be obtained from and,. For more detailed information on how Google protects your data, please consult

10. Links to other providers

Our website may contain links to websites operated by other parties. We may, however, not influence such content and do not accept any liability for such third-party content. The content of these pages is always within the sole responsibility of the third party offering the service or content.

Any page linked has been checked for potential violations and identifiable infringements of law before we have linked them. We are executing whatsoever legally required checks of content we are linking and will immediately respond to any notification on infringements by taking down the respective link(s).

11. Links to social media

On our website you will find links to the following social networks:

Links to social media may easily be identified by the respective Networks´ brand symbol. If you click such link, you will be directed to the respective networks´ page. This requires a connection with the networks´ server and leads to the transfer of information on the fact that you have visited our page and potentially also:

Should you be logged into an account you have with the respective network, the provider may be able to identify your user name an even your real name from the data submitted and to assign this information to your network account. According to the networks, you may prevent such from happening by logging off the respective account before browsing our content.

Please consider that the servers of these networks may be located in countries which may not offer a level of data protection equalling the one of the EU or your residence. Please do also consider, that we may not influence how these networks are processing your data, which kind and to which extent such processing is implemented. Please consult the respective networks´ privacy policies before clicking the links.

12. Links to our social media accounts

We may operate accounts, such as fan-pages, channels, etc., with social media. To the extent we are in control of the processing of personal data taking place there, we ensure that applying data protection law is safeguarded. However, we kindly ask you to consider that we may not influence most of the data processing executed in such media as the respective processing is autonomously executed by the respective provider. This section of our privacy policy provides information on how personal data is processed when you are visiting our social media accounts. For further information, please feel free to contact us – especially, to learn about the responsibilities of the parties involved.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​12.1 Which data processing is executed by the networks themselves?

When you are interacting with our social media accounts, the social networks may process personal data to provide our services, for purposes of market research, direct marketing and to analyze the user´s interaction with the respective network. We state that we may not influence such processing of personal data as it within the sole discretion of the respective network as per their individual terms and conditions.

For these purposes, cookies are placed on your devices on a regular basis. These cookies are placed in addition to cookies you may opt in for together with the use of our website. You may deactivate network-induced advertising basing on your interests and interactions by respective browser settings or through Such settings may affect several networks at once. Please do also consider the information we are linking below:

Concerning your decision in favor of or against the use of cookies by social media, please note that the networks may not just keep that data for themselves, but may transfer such data to third parties which, again, may be located anywhere on the globe. Wherever your personal data is transferred to, we have entered into data protection contracts or have implemented other instruments which provide for a processing of data on an adequate level.

If you should be a member to a social network and not wish to entitle the network to collect personal data about you and assign this data to your network-account, when browsing our websites, you should consider these aspects:

After having logged in to a social network after having executed these steps, please consider that you may be personally identifiable for the respective again as new cookies may have been set.

Which data the social networks are actually processing and how to execute your rights as a data subject with the respective single networks may be obtained from the networks´ privacy information, which is linked as follows:

12.2 Social media: Which data processing does STAEDTLER execute?

We are operating social media accounts to provide information on our products and for purposes of general communication. Besides that, we receive statistics about how our accounts are interacted with including the frequency and content of interest. This way, we are able to optimize our content according to the preference of our users. Respective functions are provided by analyzing-tools which we are provided by the respective networks. Additionally, we are tracking traffic on our account to identify which products is currently of interest and to fid out about developing trends (market survey). If not another is stated together with potential privacy we may offer on social plugins, no further processing of personal data is executed by STAEDTLER concerning the social media accounts we operate.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​12.3 Social Media: Which legal bases is such processing based on?

Which legal basis applies in the course of your use or further interaction with social media accounts we may operate, depends on the single case of use or interaction. The legal bases potentially applying are:

13. Service providers we cooperate with regarding our social network accounts

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​13.1 Falcon

Basing on our legitimate interest in optimizing our social media accounts and content, our legitimate interests to keep the former relevant and interesting and t implement direct marketing, we are using the social media marketing platform Falcon, a service provided by ApS, CVR No. 33362226, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 27, 1, 1553 Copenhagen V, Denmark (“Falcon”). Falcon is used to organize publications on social media and for purposes of evaluating respective interactions and the range of campaigns. Moreover, we use Falcon for purposes of communicating with customers and further parties.

Besides these aspects, Falcon is used to screen social media accounts and to identify which of our products is currently in discussion and how trends are developing (market research). However, no personal data is processed for such screening purposes. Personal data of single users who are active on our accounts, however, may be processed regarding, for instance, to handle complaints issued about our products.

Falcon´s audience functions, which would enable us to collect user information across several networks, however, is not made us of.

14. Do not sell or share my data – certain jurisdictions only

Depending on the jurisdiction of your residence, we may be obliged to offer you an option to order us to not sell or share your data. To tell STAEDTLER “Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information,” please click the respective link in our website footer. Here, “share” refers to a specific type of disclosure under certain privacy laws that relates to advertising, including so-called “targeted advertising.” An example of a sale or “sharing” data is a potential disclosure of data about you (for instance about the time you’ve visited our sites) related to information enabling for your identification, such as, e.g., an IP-address to third parties for targeted advertising. When you order us respectively to not sell or share your personal data, we will refrain from such disclosing. Please note, that not every disclosure of personal data is “selling” or “sharing” in this regard: for instance, a transfer to further STAEDTLER group companies in order to execute your product request or service order, would be exempt.

As STAEDTLER we accept Global Privacy Control (GPC) signals, which are a way for you to set a “Do Not Sell or Share” preference at the browser level. This means that if your browser or browser extension has GPC enabled, our websites will automatically recognize that signal and opt you out of the “sale” or “share” of your personal data.