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Upcycling - DIY flower pot

Upcycling - DIY flower pot
30 min Easy

Now you can transform your seemingly useless old flower pots into a colourful new decoration for your home. Upcycling means you can re-use old items and at the same time give your home a whole new feel.
Turn your flower pot into a real eye catcher on your windowsill in just a few steps with little FIMO soft rainbows!


An article by Mone

Step-by-step instructions


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Roll half a block each of FIMO soft in white, flesh light and sahara into long cords (approx. 30 cm long).

Make your rainbow by shaping the white FIMO cord into a U.  Position the FIMO soft sahara cord underneath it, followed by the cord in flesh light. Finally add another little curve of the white FIMO cord.
Cut off the surplus ends at the bottom edges of the rainbow using the blade.

Create several rainbows like this and place them directly on the terracotta pot. It also looks pretty if you add little dots of FIMO in between.

Fluttering eyelashes

Roll some FIMO soft white into a long cord. Cut off two pieces and form them each into a shallow U shape.

Now add several smaller pieces of the FIMO cord and press down.


Roll some FIMO soft sahara into a long cord. Print out the template and shade over the reverse side of the paper with a soft pencil.

Download template

Now go over the lines with an HB pencil to transfer the design to your flower pot.

Position the FIMO cords on the lines you have traced and press down.

➤ Now harden all your terracotta pots with FIMO decorations for 30 minutes in a preheated oven at 110° C / 230° F on upper and lower heat.

Tip: If the FIMO won’t stick to the terracotta pot after hardening, simply attach your design using superglue.

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
FIMO® soft 8020 Oven-bake modelling clay - Single product white 8020-0 1
FIMO® soft 8020 Oven-bake modelling clay - Single product pale pink 8020-43 1
FIMO® soft 8020 Oven-bake modelling clay - Single product sahara 8020-70 1
FIMO® 8700 04 Blades - Blistercard with mixed blade set, 3 pieces (1 rigid, 1 flexible and 1 serrated blade), 2 rubber grips 8700 04 1
FIMO® 8700 05 Acrylic roller - Blistercard containing an Acrylic roller 8700 05 1

Additionally required:

flower pot, superglue

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