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Noris digital

Noris digital

Reinventing the tried and tested

Tradition meets innovation

At first glance, the STAEDTLER Noris digital looks just like a normal pencil and feels like one too - but it is actually stylus for tablets, smartphones and notebooks (please check the compatibility list).

Brand new possibilities

It is used on displays in the same way a traditional pencil is used on paper. Whether you're traveling, studying, in the office, drawing or at home writing down grandma's recipes - a digital pencil gives you more options.


Brilliant technology

The key component of the Noris digital is the innovative EMR lead from our partner WACOM. This technology enables the stylus to use an electromagnetic field generated by the display of the device (tablet, smartphone or notebook) and to interact with it inductively.

Easy writing

This technology allows you to place your palm on the display to make writing more comfortable, just as you would do with paper (function depends on the app. Our recommendations can be found here). Because of this and the ergonomic shape of the Noris digital, you can write without your hand getting tired. You can highlight text and make notes in PDFs, e.g., on lecture notes, and then share them without having to print out several pages. This doesn’t just save paper, it also saves time.


Feels just like a pencil

Like our pencils and coloured pencils, the stylus is made from Upcycled Wood. Thanks to the 4,096 pressure levels, you can intuitively vary the line width of a stroke, just like with a pencil. Simply press harder or more softly with the stylus (this function depends on the app you are using). Even the precise 0.7 mm writing point was modelled on a classic pencil.

Natural inspiration

The entire look and feel of the stylus is based on an analogue pencil. This means that this is the ideal tool for digital artists. Let your creativity run wild and create sketches, detailed drawings or your next artwork.


No empty batteries or annoying cables

Thanks to its advanced technology, the stylus does not need a battery and so never needs to be charged. In addition, it does not need to be paired with your device or require a driver to be installed.

Comfortable use

The Noris digital can be used any time and anywhere. Whether you're at home, at school, in the office or even on the road - just unpack it and get started.


Familiar handling

The writing angle of the Noris digital is very flexible (between 40 and 140º). It immediately feels familiar, meaning you can use your device naturally and giving you full control over your display inputs.

Effective presentation

Anyone who picks up the Noris digital can use it intuitively. Use it to make your presentations and talks more creative and effective - even live in meetings.


Appreciably simple

Noris digital jumbo is the enhanced version of our classic Noris digital. The analogue pencil design has been maintained and supplemented with a soft digital eraser, allowing you to delete text and drawings on the display and to correct errors simply by turning the stylus around. (please check the compatibility list and selection of recommended apps)

Unique feel

The Noris digital has an ergonomic, triangular and comfortable thick shape. The eraser at the end of the stylus is so soft that using it on displays feels familiar - like using an eraser on a sheet of paper.

Digital learning

Thanks to its thicker shape, it is particularly suitable for children's hands and is therefore ideal for their first writing and drawing exercises on digital devices. Kids will simply not want to put it down.

Quick & easy corrections

As well as allowing you to write precisely, the Noris digital also allows you to quickly correct mistakes by turning the stylus around (please check the compatibility list and selection of recommended apps).

Get the most out of your device

Create quick notes

Draw and paint

Highlight text

Operate devices

Do your homework

Edit presentations

Write longer notes

Record ideas

Correct errors



The Noris digital is compatible with a variety of smartphones, tablets and notebooks with EMR technology.
Please check that your device has EMR.

Compatibility list

Our models

Noris digital

The classic! The familiar hexagonal shape, for more control when making handwritten entries on displays.

Noris digital jumbo

Enhanced! The comfortable thick triangular shape is particularly suitable for children's hands, is also comfortable for adults and allows you to write without getting tired.

Noris digitalNoris digital jumbo
Integrated, soft eraser-
Non-slip soft surface
Palm rejection

Material: Upcycled Wood
Number of pressure levels4,0964,096
Pencil point (instructions for replacement)0,7 mm0,7 mm
Five replacement nibs and a tool for the replacement
Dimensionsapprox. 175 x 7.5 mmapprox. 140 x 9.1 mm
Weightapprox. 8.7 gapprox. 10 g
Made in Germany

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The perfect apps

In combination with the right apps and programs, the Noris digital becomes a creative multi-tool.

Learning and Collaboration


Painting and Drawing

Autodesk Sketchbook
Adobe Photoshop Sketch
Ibis Paint X
Zen Brush
MediBang Paint - Make Art !

Taking Notes and Writing

Microsoft One Note
Samsung Notes
Bamboo Paper
Digital Exercise Book


What does EMR stand for?

Electromagnetic resonance (patented WACOM technology). This technology enables the pencil to use an electromagnetic field generated by the display of the device (tablet, smartphone or notebook) and to interact with it inductively. As a result, the device always knows exactly where the point of the Noris digital is, which means you can rest your palm on the display. Because the stylus uses the energy from the device in this way, it never needs to be charged or paired with the device.

What devices is the Noris digital compatible with?

For a device to be compatible with the Noris digital, it must have EMR technology built into its display. We have listed the compatible devices we know of in our list with information on compatibility. Please note, however, that the model numbers of the devices may differ depending on the country. In addition, with some manufacturers the same models are available with different display versions - with and without EMR support. The list should give you an indication of whether your device might be compatible. Please make sure that EMR technology is built into your device's display before purchasing
the Noris digital.

Can the stylus also be used on Apple devices and Pixelbooks?

No. These devices use a different display technology, not the EMR technology. Therefore, they are not compatible with our Noris digital.

Do I need to install a driver or software to use the pen on devices with EMR technology?

No. So long as the WACOM EMR technology is built into a device’s display, you can start using the Noris digital straight away.

Why doesn't the pen work although EMR is built into my end device's display?

If a stylus is included with your device, you may need to remove it from the device. It is also possible that on some devices the stylus function has to be activated in the system settings first. This is the case, for example, with the SAMSUNG Galaxy Note range.

How many pressure levels does the stylus have?

The EMR point of the Noris digital has 4,096 pressure levels. Therefore, when you are using the stylus, the line becomes broader or narrower depending on the pressure applied, just like a real pencil. This doesn’t just enable extremely precise drawing, it also ensures a very natural writing experience.
Please note that the line width variation depends on the app used.

Does the stylus have a side button like the S Pen?

No. We wanted our Noris digital to provide an experience as close as possible to the experience of writing with a real pencil and this is what we focused on when designing it. A lot of customers find our stylus more comfortable because they cannot accidentally press a button.

Does the Noris digital have or need a battery?

No. Thanks to the EMR technology, the Noris digital works inductively with the energy from the end device and doesn’t require tiresome charging.

Why does the point have to be changed regularly?

Depending on use and the properties of your device’s display or its protective film, the point may be worn away over time. The point can be replaced very quickly and independently. Please follow the step-by-step instructions for replacing the point. The Noris digital comes with 5 replacement points and a tool for carrying out the replacement.

Are additional replacement points available?

The Noris digital comes with 5 points and a tool to make their replacement easy. In addition, replacement points can also be purchased separately.

Will using the Noris digital scratch the display of my device?

No. When the point becomes worn, you may feel a scratching sensation, but your device's display will not be damaged. In this case, we recommend replacing the point.

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