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Lumocolor chalk, paint & permanent markers by STAEDTLER for hobbyists and professionals

Lumocolor chalk, paint & permanent markers by STAEDTLER for hobbyists and professionals

Need more colour in your life? Then discover the Lumocolor range by STAEDTLER. Alongside our popular classic, the permanent marker, it also features our chalk markers and paint markers. These three pen and marker varieties open up a whole new world to your personal expression. Our markers not only offer new colour tones, but also enable new techniques that give your creativity free rein, so you can create individual artwork – just as you imagine it.

The Lumocolor range by STAEDTLER

The name Lumocolor is derived from the words β€œLumen” and β€œColour” and represents light and colour. Originally, the product range consisted of permanent and non-permanent markers. These appear extra bright when illuminated from behind, e.g. on an overhead slide or in a three-dimensional picture frame with fairy lights. However, the intensely coloured tint is also ideal for other uses. There are almost no limits to what you can create. Thanks to our chalk markers and paint markers, you can now get creative on even more different surfaces.

Permanent markers: the waterproof Lumocolor pens from STAEDTLER

STAEDTLER Lumocolor permanent markers

Our permanent markers have lots of cool and practical features:

  • DRY SAFE: never dries out, even if you accidentally leave the lid off all day
  • No ink blots: combines style and function – even on flexible surfaces
  • Smudge-proof & waterproof: smudge-proof and waterproof on almost all surfaces.
  • Wide range of line thicknesses: ~ 0.4 mm – 12 mm

Paint markers: permanent acrylic pens

STAEDTLER paint markers – acrylic pens

Introducing our odourless paint markers: their water-based acrylic ink stands out for its brilliant colours and endless design possibilities. With a line thickness of approx. 2.4 mm, you can draw lines with pinpoint precision – unlike painting with acrylic paint from a tube. Discover further benefits of our paint markers in the Lumocolor range by STAEDTLER:

  • Opaque: even on dark surfaces
  • Quick to dry: for creative collages, as colours can be layered after drying
  • Smudge-proof & waterproof: no smudging and resistant to splashes of water on almost all surfaces.
  • Lightfast & weatherproof: ideal for virtually any object that you want to decorate and use outdoors

Chalk markers: always ready for your next idea

STAEDTLER chalk markers

Mirrors, windows, and more: get ready to be transformed! The easy-clean chalk markers are part of the Lumocolor range and are also ideal for use on dark surfaces. The odourless, water-based liquid chalk is perfect for notices or creative ideas that are not meant to last forever. With a line thickness of approx. 2.4 mm, the chalk markers are ideal for opaque lettering, decorations and designs on virtually all light and dark surfaces and also offer the following benefits:

  • Ideal for smooth surfaces: dark chalkboards, windows & mirrors
  • Easy to wipe clean off smooth surfaces: keep changing your designs and come up with new creations
  • High colour brilliance: the colours orange, pink and green are even fluorescent under UV light

β–Ί All the creations you conjure up with our chalk markers can easily be removed from almost all smooth surfaces. Simply wipe off the ink with a damp cloth or correct your mistakes. Now you can change your menu every week without a problem.

How can you use the markers in the Lumocolor series?

There is no limit to what you can create with our permanent, chalk and paint markers! Unleash your creativity with the Lumocolor range – we show you how:

Paint and chalk markers

  1. Shake well with the cap on.
  2. Take off the cap. Press the tip several times.

    Caution: Only press until you see ink at the tip. Once activated, the tip is self-filling.
  3. The marker is ready to use.
  4. Always store the marker horizontally after use.

If you haven’t used the pen in a while, you can reactivate it any time by following the steps above.

Permanent markers

  1. Remove the cap and start writing!

There is no need to shake or press the permanent markers. They are always ready for use.

Maximum design freedom: permanent markers

Surfaces STAEDTLER Lumocolor markers can be used on

Whether it’s on wood or on glass – with our permanent markers, you can create long-lasting artwork that expresses your personality on almost any surface. Discover the many different materials on which you can create your own artwork, both in B2B and DIY projects at home:

  • Flexible materials: Decorate bendy phone cases in synthetic material or plastic, photos & more
  • Metal: Write on tools, sorting boxes & more
  • Ceramics: Decorate flower bed stakes, porcelain & more
  • Other materials: Label moving boxes, crates, canvas & more

Whether you are personalising the jars in your pantry, labelling boxes with Lumocolor permanent markers or labelling your tools for your business – these universal pens offer unlimited potential.

Refillable permanent markers: for endless creativity

Our permanent markers have a sustainable special feature: they can be refilled any time. Simply use our Lumocolor refill stations. Place the marker in our Lumocolor refill station with the tip pointing down. In a few minutes, the pen is ready to write again, and fully refilled in a few hours.

Why have we made our permanent markers refillable? We care about the environment! By refilling our pens, we are ensuring a more sustainable future as the lifespan of the markers is drastically extended.

What's more, beginning in late 2022, we will start the international changeover of Lumocolor to recycled material. Then the casing (barrel, section and cap) of many models will be made of up to 97% recycled plastic (in accordance with ISO 14021).

For changing inspiration: Lumocolor chalk markers by STAEDTLER

How to use chalk markers

With our opaque chalk markers, you always have the right tool to hand to unleash your creativity on smooth surfaces. You can decorate all kinds of glass, be it mirrors, wine bottles or spice jars. Chalkboards are also a great option.

Surprise yourself with what you can imagine every day and give your decorative ideas free rein, both for personal and commercial projects:

  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries
  • Retail
  • Weddings
  • Garden parties
  • Home decor

Conjure wipe-clean decor in bright colours with our Lumocolor chalk markers!

Paint markers: go wild indoors and outdoors

How to use paint markers

Whether it’s on light or dark surfaces, indoors or outdoors – paint markers from STAEDTLER are real all-rounders. They produce bright, opaque colours on even the most unusual materials:

  • Decorate glass, metal and ceramics
  • Decorate fabric and textiles
  • Easily decorate wood, paper or canvas with our acrylic markers
  • Decorate stones with our acrylic markers
  • You can even decorate clay, cork, wax or leather

Discover an endless variety of possible designs and create new lettering ideas, street art designs or acrylic paintings!

In addition to the 3 types of markers described here (permanent, chalk and paint), the Lumocolor range also offers many other markers for a wide range of applications.

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