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Drawing motifs on glass surfaces - Kitten on the rainbow

Drawing motifs on glass surfaces - Kitten on the rainbow
20 min Easy

When the storm clouds crowd in the sky, we just paint a rainbow on the window and dream of the sun! The little kitten also thinks the view is very nice and gives the rainbow that certain something.
With the chalk markers, you can easily draw any motif on your window panes or other glass surfaces and just as easily wipe it off again. Just try it out!

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Step-by-step tutorial

Stick the template on the backside of a glass, e.g. from a picture frame.

Download template

Draw the outline of the cat and then fill it completely with purple colour.

It is best to paint the clouds in a circle from the middle, so they look particularly fluffy.

Now you can colour in the rainbow. Let the individual colours dry well so they don't run into each other. Draw the end of the rainbow a little thicker and leave a small crescent-shaped area free, this gives the impression that the color of the rainbow is shining and dripping down. Your artwork on glass is ready!

Window tip:
Instead of decorating the glass of a picture frame, you can also decorate your windows: just stick the template onto the window pane from the outside, making sure the surface is clean and start drawing as explained above.

Material overview

What you need

Additionally required:

Template, Glass plate or window pane

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