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FIMO modelling clay & accessories

FIMO modelling clay & accessories

Whether at school or in the hobby and crafting community – FIMO is undoubtedly one of the best known and most popular modelling clays. As it’s easy to shape, you can use it in a variety of different ways. Plus, once it’s hardened you can sand it, drill it, polish it or use our varnishes to add a beautiful finish. The various types of FIMO are ideal for children, amateur artists and professional users who enjoy making figures, sculptures, dolls, jewellery and decorative items. In the STAEDTLER range, FIMO is available to purchase individually as well as in sets, in numerous bright and vibrant colours and with lots of great effects. In addition, we offer a wide choice of practical accessories and tools that enable you to easily work with the modelling clay and refine your results.

Types of FIMO available from STAEDTLER

The basic recipe for FIMO was developed in 1939 by Sophie Rehbinder Kruse – the daughter of world-renowned German dollmaker Käthe Kruse. Since FIMO modelling clay has been manufactured by STAEDTLER in Germany, we have continued to optimise and improve the product. STAEDTLER offers the product in many different types for various areas of use. In addition to oven-hardening FIMO in lots of vibrant colours, we also offer air-drying FIMO:

  • FIMO soft is soft and pliable. The clay is easy to shape without having to knead it first. This FIMO clay is particularly suitable for beginners, amateur artists and DIY crafters. It can be combined with FIMO professional and FIMO effect to create some wonderful results.
  • FIMO kids is much softer than the other types of FIMO. This product has been specifically developed to meet the needs of children. Even little artists can effortlessly shape this clay.
  • FIMO professional is the top choice for intricate and detailed artistic applications. Compared to other the types of FIMO, this clay has a firmer consistency, providing a high degree of dimensional stability, making it ideal for advanced users, professionals and artists – for example, it can be used to create sculptures or make delicate pieces of jewellery.
  • FIMO effect is available in lots of great effect colours. These include glitter colours, pastel colours, gemstone colours and much more.
  • FIMOair is an air-drying modelling clay that can simply be left to harden naturally in the air at room temperature. This clay is immediately ready for use, is dimensionally stable and pliable. FIMOair is available in four varieties: FIMOair, FIMOair light, FIMOair granite-effect and FIMOair wood-effect.

What is the best way to store FIMO?

Our air-drying FIMOair modelling clay is best stored in an airtight screw-top jar, with two to three sprays of water. In contrast, our oven-hardening FIMO clay does not have to be stored in an airtight container, however it must be protected from dust and stored at room temperature away from sunlight and heat. We recommend storing it in aluminium foil or PE bags in a cool and dry place. Avoid contact with polystyrene or PVC.

Do I need special accessories to work with FIMO?

When working with FIMO, there are no limits to your imagination. The popular modelling clay offers countless design possibilities. To get the most enjoyment out of being creative, use the right FIMO accessories. These practical accessories are specifically designed to meet the needs of all FIMO users. They include:

  • Modelling tools (clay shaper, cutter, acrylic roller and much more)
  • Jewellery accessories (bead roller, bead-piercing pins, etc.)
  • Shaped cutters, moulds, etc.
  • Accessories for surface treatment (leaf metal, different varnishes, sanding sponges and much more)

With our broad range of practical FIMO accessories for every area of use, you will be optimally equipped for all of your creative FIMO projects. In no time at all, you will be creating colourful characters, stunning decorative items and pieces of jewellery, plus lots of miniature masterpieces.