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FIMOair is available in three varieties: basic, light and natural. What all three have in common is that you don’t need to use an oven or kiln to harden the clay. These modelling clays can simply be left to dry naturally in the air, and are still extremely break-resistant once dry. Browse the products available from STAEDTLER and discover the wide range of possibilities FIMOair has to offer.

FIMOair – Easy shaping combined with quick and simple use

STAEDTLER FIMOair is an air-drying modelling clay. The drying time depends on the thickness of the modelled item. This means you don’t have to harden your modelled items in the oven. In addition, once they have dried, your items will still be extremely break-resistant. You can start finishing pieces as soon as they have dried. FIMOair is available in three varieties that are ideal for creating a range of different items: FIMOair basic, FIMOair natural and FIMOair light.

FIMOair natural – Break-resistant modelling clay

FIMOair natural is available in six different wood-like colours. The clay contains cellulose fibres, giving modelled items a particularly natural effect. Creative amateur artists will enjoy using this clay to create dolls, marionettes or sculptures – not least because this modelling clay is extremely hard and break-resistant once it has dried.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Wood-like texture
  • Natural effect
  • Extremely hard and break-resistant once dried
  • Ideal for modelling dolls, marionettes or sculptures
  • Hardened clay can be finished (filed, sawn, carved, drilled, painted, varnished)

FIMOair basic – Clay-like results without a kiln

STAEDTLER FIMOair basic modelling clay is available in three colours: white, flesh and terracotta. Items made from this modelling clay have a clay-like appearance. However, the main advantage is that you don’t need a kiln to achieve these results. FIMOair basic simply dries naturally in the air. You can then use corresponding accessories to paint, drill or varnish your items to suit your style.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Modelled items have a clay-like appearance
  • No kiln required – items simply dry naturally in the air

How does FIMOair harden?

FIMOair natural and FIMOair basic modelling clays are hardened by drying naturally in the air. Depending on which FIMO variety you choose to use, you should keep the following in mind:

FIMO type

What you need to know:

FIMOair natural, FIMOair light and FIMOair basic

  • You can only dry modelled items at room temperature. Do not attempt to accelerate the drying process using a hairdryer or by placing in sunlight. This may result in models cracking.
  • Depending on the thickness of the model, it takes a few hours to a few days for it to harden completely.
  • Turn or rotate the item regularly during the drying process. This will ensure that it dries on all sides and does not warp.