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Crafting decorations for Halloween, Christmas and New Year's Eve

Crafting decorations for Halloween, Christmas and New Year's Eve

Winter is approaching and with it the cosy time of the year. While the wind whistles outside, you can concentrate on decorating your home beautifully. After all, there are still several festivities to be celebrated at the end of the year: Halloween, Christmas and New Year's Eve. Each of these celebrations has a character of its own and calls for suitable decorations!

If you are looking for creative ideas, you have come to the right place. We show you how to make decorations for Halloween, Christmas and New Year's Eve. Discover inspirational ideas for children and adults: You’ll find everything here, from FIMO bats to hand lettered Christmas cards and New Year's Eve garlands. In addition, you will not only find various creative tips here, but also detailed instructions with pictures and videos. This will enable you to reproduce the DIY decoration ideas very easily.

Beautifully creepy ideas: Crafting Halloween decorations


Halloween is just around the corner. You’ve chosen your costume, the pumpkins have been carved and are welcoming all guests with a candlelit grin. And of course you also want to decorate your home as befits the occasion. Find inspiration here on how to make your own Halloween decorations!

Window and table decorations for Halloween

DIY bats made of FIMO leather-effect modelling clay

What would the creepy season be without witches, bats, spiders and cobwebs? These Halloween decorations can be crafted very easily with FIMO leather-effect modelling clay. A swarm of bats that seems to flutter across the wall is perfect for creating a spooky atmosphere.

DIY bats tutorial

If you want to make cobweb decorations yourself, all you need are some sheets of FIMO, a printable template and the Clay Machine to roll out the modelling clay. (Tip: an acrylic roller or an empty wine bottle will do just as well.)

DIY cobweb tutorial

DIY cobweb decorations made of FIMO leather-effect modelling clay

Glow-in-the-dark FIMO ghosts on which you can paint cute or scary faces with the Lumocolor permanent pen 318 also make excellent eye-catchers. You can use the same universal pen to transform regular pumpkins into their spooky Halloween counterparts: Simply paint them with white acrylic paint and decorate them with Halloween motifs - for instance a spider's web or a skull in Día De Los Muertos style.

Prepare a spooky dinner party

The cobweb motif mentioned above can also be used on charger plates and you can write a personal message on them for the guests at the creepy dinner. Menu cards can also be designed in a Halloween look. We show how you to do this in our tutorials.

DIY menu cards tutorial

You’ll also find instructions on how to create your own gift tags or inscriptions on various objects. These homemade Halloween decorations will delight your dinner guests and create a beautifully creepy atmosphere. Simply "spooky-licious”

DIY Halloween gift tags

Homemade Halloween gift tags
Crafting decorations and wrapping presents just right


What better time to live out your passion for handicrafts than during the festive season? Below you will find some ideas for cosy afternoons of handicraft. Ideal for all those who don't want to have Christmas decorations off the peg in their homes and for all those who would rather wrap their gifts individually.

Here you will find instructions on how to craft your own Christmas decorations, cards, gift tags and gift wrap. The possibilities are many and varied: from hand lettering to things to make with FIMO modelling clay, you’ll find everything you need here. Become creative and get into the festive spirit!

Crafting gift tags and Christmas cards

“Fröhliche Weihnachten”, “Joyeux Noel”, “Merry Christmas” - Make someone happy with Christmas greetings and a personal message. Anyone who designs their own cards will sweeten the Christmas season with their creativity and light up the faces of those who receive them. Christmas cards can be cut out of paper, for example, and adorned with metal foil and ornamental hand lettering. More information about hand lettering can be found in our Hand Lettering Guide.

Tip: Our tutorials provide everything DIY enthusiasts need: detailed instructions with clear pictures, templates to download and a list of required materials.

Do you want to craft your own Christmas decorations from FIMO? Then gift tags are a great idea! Cut the desired shape out of a sheet of FIMO, make a hole for the ribbon and stamp the desired letters onto it. Decorative inspiration can be found in our tutorials.

Homemade gift tags for Christmas

In addition to the option of crafting gift tags out of FIMO modelling clay, it is also possible to make them out of paper and adorn them with beautiful lettering.

DIY gift tag tutorial

When the packaging itself becomes a gift...

What’s the perfect way to show the person receiving the gift how much you love them? By crafting your own Christmas gift wrapping! Our creative tips show you how to fold gift bags from wrapping paper and decorate them festively.

DIY hit: Crafting New Year’s Eve decorations

New Year’s Eve

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and with it a big New Year's Eve party. While the guests arrive in a good spirits, you cater for the suitable atmosphere. Besides delicious food and sparklers, any successful party needs suitable decorations. The more sparkly and glittery the decorations, the better – as befits the occasion. Below you will find inspirational ideas for crafting New Year's Eve decorations that you won’t find in anyone else’s home.

Make the party at the end of the year a complete success with these creative ideas

Homemade garland for the New Year's Eve party

Our creative tip: Garlands made of modelling clay decorated with FIMO metal foil. With our instructions you can make these New Year's Eve decorations yourself and get into the right mood for the New Year's party.

DIY New Year's Eve garland

It is the last party of the year. So why not pull out all the stops, including in decorative terms? How about fancy, individual place cards for each guest? All you need to make these New Year's Eve decorations is some FIMO soft and sparkling metal foil. Click here to find out how!

DIY place cards tutorial

It’s hard to imagine a New Year's Eve party without a glass of champagne at the stroke of midnight. But where has your own glass disappeared to again? If you want to spare yourself and your guests this search, simply craft some glass markers. This FIMO New Year's Eve decoration is extremely handy: Every guest gets a glass with an individual motif attached to it, so there is no risk of confusion! Cheers and Happy New Year!

DIY glass marker tutorial

Tip: Modelling tools and the Clay Machine make shaping FIMO modelling clay easier. And ensure your hand lettering projects are a complete success with the right fineliners. With these tools you can easily make your own decorations for Christmas, Halloween and New Year's Eve.

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