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Jewellery making with FIMO modelling clay: Ideas and guides

Jewellery making with FIMO modelling clay: Ideas and guides

A piece of jewellery is much more special if you make it yourself. A statement necklace with a motivational word? Bold neon earrings that catch the eye? Hair slides and other jewellery can be given an authentic leather look with FIMO leather effect. And in just a few steps, you can create your favourite designs using FIMO modelling clay. Here you will find numerous creative ideas for making FIMO clay jewellery.

Make your accessories even more special: They are unique pieces that can't be found on any other ear, neck or wrist. Let yourself be inspired and discover our comprehensive step-by-step guides with pictures and videos.

Homemade jewellery: unique ideas with different modelling materials

Are you looking for accessories for a particular outfit, but can't find anything to match? Then simply make your own jewellery! And the best part? No one else will have these precise earrings, hair slides, etc. your look is just as unique as you are.

Here we have ideas and guides on how to make jewellery from different FIMO modelling clays. FIMO soft is super easy to mould into glamorous pieces of jewellery and to combine with FIMO effect. With this modelling clay, you can create highly individual effects, such as shiny, glittery, a metallic shimmer and pastel shades, etc. With FIMO leather-effect you can create an authentic leather look.

Idea: Lovingly made DIY accessories make great gifts. Whether they like a simple, elegant or extravagant look – there is a creative idea to suit anyone you would like to make a present for.

Now we're going retro: Homemade plaid jewellery

DIY jewellery with check pattern

Plaid designs can suit many different styles and occasions. With FIMO soft, you can make the polymer clay pattern yourself, quickly and easily. Read our tutorial to find out how to do this and which tools can help you with modelling.

DIY hair slide tutorial

Making FIMO soft plaid jewellery and accessories in pastel shades will allow you to create pieces with a bold retro charm. Circular FIMO earrings in pink or a pretty grey and mint hair slide? Make yourself a FIMO clay keyring in bright blue and grey plaid for a DIY accessory that will bring you joy every day.

Retro charm for the jewellery box

DIY earrings in pastel colours

Charm light as a petal: Make delicate floral polymer clay earrings with FIMO soft – in your favourite colours or shades that go with your outfit. Romantic light pink, pale lilac or, like in our step-by-step guide, a mix of different pastel shades.

DIY earrings tutorial

With the modelling clay in pastel shades, you can make pearl bracelets yourself, as well as earrings. Accessories in candy colours are super pretty and currently very much on trend. To find out how to make your own pearl fashionable friendship bracelets, you will find inspiration here.

DIY bracelet tutorial

DIY pearl bracelet in pastel colours

Back to the 80s: FIMO neon jewellery

DIY FIMO neon jewellery

It's not always easy to find jewellery that perfectly reflects your personality. And you can make it quickly and easily yourself! Neon jewellery pieces are truly eye-catching. They reflect the style of the 80s, which has been reinterpreted many times since – and why not by you as well?
In the tutorials, you can find out how to make polymer clay terrazzo jewellery with FIMO effect neon. A bracelet made from bright and bold FIMO effect with a colour gradient or a 60s memphis-style design can be done quickly and easily – brilliantly bright, garish, imaginative and a little kooky.

Authentic leather look hair accessories

FIMO leather-effect DIY hair slides

Leather look jewellery looks not only elegant, but also rocky, rebellious and cool. Modelling clay with leather effect in different colours. You can make your own leather-look jewellery in classic black, brown or even bright colours. A hair slide in a characterful watermelon-like shade would be eyecatching for any hair colour, for example. Our creative idea provides a guide on how to make your own hair accessories in a range of designs.

DIY hair slide tutorial

Another tutorial can show you how to jazz up a headband with romantic FIMO leather-effect flowers. Upcycling is that easy, and fun!

DIY alice band tutorial

FIMO leather-effect DIY alice band with flowers

Leather? No, FIMO! Unique leather look earrings

DIY FIMO leather-effect jewellery with leather look

Anyone who loves eyecatching earrings with a leather effect should take a look at the following tutorials. The leather effect and two colours make for a unique piece of jewellery that really makes you stand out. You can then directly make yourself a matching bracelet to go with your new earrings – like our creative idea outlined in „FIMO leather-effect jewellery set“ Or do you prefer leather-like leaf-shaped earrings in bright and cheerful colours? Then here is the guide for you.

Geometric jewellery

DIY FIMO necklace

If you already have an outfit, but not the right necklace to go with it, just make it yourself. The following jewellery is both quick and easy to create with FIMO: Choose colours to go with your outfit or that are simply on trend. Then you can make FIMO blocks, make a hole in them, let them harden and finally string them together. And with that the home made jewellery is already done and you can make new waves in the fashion world.

DIY necklace tutorial

Pattern making with FIMO

FIMO DIY patterned earrings

Do you love contrasts and mixed patterns? These creative ideas will show you how to make your own polymer clay patterns with FIMO. For example, using the transfer technique, you can transfer creative patterns, a.k.a tangles, onto FIMO bases. That will certainly give you that wow factor!

DIY tangle earrings

The same goes for the terrazzo jewellery sets. For this bright mottled stone pattern on your home made jewellery, just cut small pieces of FIMO in contrasting colours and arrange them on a FIMO base. The more irregular the better!

DIY terrazzo-style jewellery

FIMO leather-effect terrazzo-style jewellery

How to make bold statement jewellery

DIY FIMO statement jewellery

Of course, all FIMO homemade jewellery can be eye-catching. But you can make a real statement with the following accessories: Ibiza-style put you in that holiday mood and in good spirits at any time of the year. The geometric “triangolo” designs are equally attractive. And if you literally want to wear a statement round your neck, you can simply mould a word or lettering using FIMO soft and attach this to a necklace: such as "yeah", "love" or the name of someone special.

Guides for home made jewellery for everyone

You don't have to be particularly dexterous to make your own FIMO clay jewellery. All you need is a passion for crafting and the right tools. At the end of each tutorial, there is always a description of the supplies and modelling tools you will need. With a flat surface, knife, oven thermometer, acrylic rolling pin or clay machine, the modelling process is really easy.

More DIY jewellery tutorials

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