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Drawing boards

Drawing boards

Drawing boards are stable tools that help engineers, designers and architects create technical drawings and architectural drawings. They can be used to create the following:

  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Perspective drawings

Drawing boards are therefore an indispensible piece of equipment when learning the basic principles of technical drawing. STAEDTLER offers versions in DIN A3 and DIN A4 format, as well as additional accessories for drawing angles. We also offer suitable bags for our drawing boards in corresponding sizes, so you can easily transport your equipment wherever you go.

How do drawing boards actually work?

Drawing boards are scaled plastic boards designed specifically for technical drawing. They are used to draw parallel lines easily and precisely, e.g. for three-dimensional projections and much more. They feature a mechanical device with rail-mounted rulers that run horizontally and vertically at an exact 90° angle. These rulers are used to precisely determine straight lines and angles and are individually adjustable. This makes it much easier to work on technical drawings. Our products also have a locking mechanism, so you can set the rulers at any position as you work. This ensures everything stays in place and nothing can slip.

We offer technical drawing boards in DIN A4 and DIN A3 size which are designed for the corresponding paper formats. Thanks to their portable design, they are also ideal for creating sketches or profiles on the go. Smaller paper formats such as DIN A5, DIN A6, etc. are also fully compatible with these boards. Our STAEDTLER drawing boards feature a special paper clamp function that lets you fasten your sheets of paper securely to the board. Thanks to an integrated compass scale, you can also set a compass radius in a matter of seconds, for example if you need to draw circles.

The features of our high-quality drawing boards at a glance

  • Sturdy, break-resistant plastic
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Parallel drafting arm with double-sided scale
  • Sheet clamping strips on both sides of the drawing board for fastening paper securely
  • Convenient single-hand double locking mechanism
  • Twin rail for smooth gliding of the ruler
  • Scale with needle hole for precise compass radius setting
  • Color indicator shows whether mechanism is locked or unlocked
  • Scale for left-handed and right-handed users

Practical accessories for drawing angles

In our product range, you will also find drafting heads. These are designed to be used with our DIN A4 and DIN A3 drawing boards, for example to facilitate uninterrupted drawing of right angles. These products are equipped with two transparent rulers with double-sided, opposite-running scales. Our drafting heads also have opposite-running protractor scales from 0° to 90° with additional marks at 7° and 42° for dimetric projection. Drawing angles can be set at 1° intervals. For precise results, these products include a Stop/Go push-button for easy setting at the desired angle.

Additional technical drawing accessories

To accompany our STAEDTLER drawing boards, our extensive product range also includes practical drawing board bags in DIN A4 and DIN A3 size. They have an adjustable shoulder strap and practical handle. These products also have an integrated pocket for a smartphone or calculator. Our products are made from durable nylon, which means they are water-repellent, so you can easily and securely transport the board along with your drawings wherever you go.