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Zodiac sign key chains made of FIMO

Zodiac sign key chains made of FIMO
50 min Easy

Shining zodiac signs on a starry night sky fascinate everybody. With these pretty zodiac sign key chains you bring this fascination into your hands. Create galaxies with beautiful marble effects and glitter and add zodiac signs with metallic shimmer.


An article by Theresa

Step-by-step tutorial

For a pretty marbled effect roll 1 cm of the modelling clay in star dust into a ball and then into a sausage shape. Use half the amount of white and violet. Twist the three sausages tightly together.

Roll the twisted sausage into a ball and knead it until you have created a pretty marbled effect.

Roll out the marbled clay with the acrylic roller (circa 3 mm thick).

Now cut out circles, triangles or squares in different sizes. Smooth out the edges before hardening the pieces.

Place all pieces on a baking paper. For being able to connect the shapes afterwards, use a needle to create small wholes in the shapes.

Harden the clay in the oven for 30 minutes at 110° C / 230 ° F.

When the clay has cooled, draw stars and zodiac signs onto the clay with the metallic marker. You can find templates to all zodiac signs here:

Download templates

Let it dry.

Apply the gloss varnish over the pieces to achieve a longer visibility of the metallic marker on the modelling clay.  

After the varnish has dried completely, connect the pieces of clay with the split rings and finally with the key chains using pliers.

Material overview

What you need

Additionally required:

pliers, baking paper

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