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Shining zodiac signs on a starry night sky

Shining zodiac signs on a starry night sky
40 min Medium

Shining zodiac signs on a starry night sky fascinate everybody. With this personalized watercolour artwork you can bring this fascination to paper easily. The zodiac sign watercolour set is a lovely gift for the birth of a child, a birthday, an anniversary or simply for you.


An article by Theresa

Step-by-step tutorial

Use a quadratic aquarelle paper (e.g. size 20 cm x 20 cm) and draw a triangle (14 cm x 14 cm) in the middle of the paper.

Fill the triangle with hatches of the watercolour pencil. Use darker colours the further you get to the edges of the triangle. Start with yellow in the middle and go over into pink, blue and black.

For extra intense colours, use several layers of colour without putting too much pressure on each stroke. Let the colours overlap.

Use the waterfillable brush to create the watercolour effect. Start the watercolouring in the middle of the triangle, start with the light colours and move the brush in circles. Clean the brush from time to time when you change the colours.

Using a separate piece of paper you can add further highlights to your drawing: colour the paper and transfer the colour to your artwork with the water brush.

Let the watercolour dry completely. Afterwards use the extra-broad fineliner to add trees to the lower end of the triangle. Also add outlines to the complete triangle.

Use the metallic marker to add stars and zodiac signs to your drawing. You can find templates to all zodiac signs here:

Download templates

Material overview

What you need

Additionally required:

geometric set square, mixed media paper

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