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Wanderlust – Colouring in wooden discs

Wanderlust – Colouring in wooden discs
20 min Easy

Have you got the wanderlust and want to bring it home? Then this idyllic mountain panorama on a real wooden disc is just your thing! Take a few minutes to immerse yourself in this beautiful landscape.


An article by Theresa

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Step-by-step instructions

Poke the tip of the compass into the centre of the wooden disc and draw a circle. Start drawing mountain formations in the upper half of the circle and continue the idyllic landscape in the form of lakes and headlands in the lower half. Now use the pencil to sketch a few trees.

With the Lumocolor permanent markers, you can draw directly on the wooden disc. Start with the dark contours of the mountains and let them run downwards, colour the small island and forests with the green Lumocolor permanent marker and shade the water areas in strong blue.

With the white Lumocolor permanent marker, you can make light blue, light green and grey highlights by drawing over the other colours. Dark colour gradations can be created in the same way with the black pen.

To add even more definition to your landscape, trace the outer contours of the circle in different colours with the markers. Treetops, mountain peaks and shores can also be made to stand out even more.

Now your personal landscape picture is ready - on a real wooden disc!

Overview of materials

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
Mars® comfort 552 Quick-setting compass - Case with hinged lid containing 1 quick-setting compass with lead part, universal adapter and spares box 552 01 1

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