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Baby Shower – cake topper and cupcake decoration

Baby Shower – cake topper and cupcake decoration
60 min Medium

Hi Baby – the patter of tiny feet is getting closer.
No baby shower should be without delicious food. How about some cupcakes decorated with sweet little bottle-shaped cake toppers? Or a cake with a colourful topper to welcome the soon-to-be new arrival? The topper will look lovely on any cake and is very easy to make yourself from FIMO soft and FIMO effect.

Step-by-step tutorial

Knead one block each of FIMO soft or FIMO effect in three different colours by hand until soft, form each into a droplet shape and lay them next to each other in alternating directions.

Lay the 3 FIMO droplets on baking paper and roll with the acrylic roller to create a sheet about 0.5 cm thick.

Then pass the three-coloured FIMO sheet through the clay machine on setting 1. Now fold the sheet on itself lengthways, so that the same colours are always on top of each other.

Pass the FIMO sheet through the clay machine once more. Repeat until you have created your desired colour gradient.

Next, lay the FIMO sheet on backing paper and place the printed lettering template, which you have cut out, on the FIMO sheet.

Download template

Scratch round the outlines with a knife.

Remove the template and cut out the lettering along the scratched lines.

Lay the lettering and the baking paper on the baking sheet, take the remaining FIMO and if necessary some other colours and cut out little bottles using the cutter.

If you like you can cut a straight line to remove the upper part of the shape, separating the teat from the baby bottle. Roll one portion of FIMO soft in white into a sheet and cut out white teats using the baby bottle cutter. Place the white teat at the top of the little bottle and roll over gently with the acrylic roller to join them together.

Tip: Place baking paper between the FIMO bottle and the acrylic roller to create a seamless join.

Now harden the lettering and the bottles in the oven for 30 minutes at 110° C / 230° F. After cooling, use superglue to stick the lolly sticks to the back of the lettering and the bottles.

And you're done!

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
FIMO® soft 8020 Oven-bake modelling clay - Single product mint 8020-505 1
FIMO® soft 8020 Oven-bake modelling clay - Single product vanilla 8020-105 1
FIMO® 8700 05 Acrylic roller - Blistercard containing an Acrylic roller 8700 05 1

Additionally required:

Baby bottle cutter, white lolly sticks or skewers, sharp knife, template, superglue

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