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DIY-lightbox with a street art look

DIY-lightbox with a street art look
50 min Medium

Colourful masterpieces for the kitchen, living room & co: turn boring picture frames into real eye-catchers with our Lumocolor markers! Let us show you in a few simple steps how to draw a hip street art motif and let the colour patterns shine using the Lumocolor assortment.
Beautify your own for walls with these vivid DIY lightboxes or gift them to your friends and family!

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Step-by-step tutorial

Print out the template for the street art motif our choose your own.

Download template

Remove the plexiglass or glass front from the frame and place it onto your template. Now you can easily trace the pattern onto the glass.

Tip: Attach the template to the glass with a piece of adhesive tip. This way it will not slip when you trace the pattern.

Use the Lumocolor permanent markers (size M) to draw the contours of the geometric patterns on the glass and then colour in the shapes. Always start with the lighter colours first and then the darker tones. This creates vivid coloured areas without unwanted smears.

Cut out tracing paper to the size of the plexiglass or glass front and glue it to the back of the glass with a glue stick.

Then, glue a piece of aluminium foil with the matt side facing upwards onto the inner back wall of your picture frame.

Attach the light chain to the aluminium foil onto the inner back wall of your picture frame with transparent adhesive tape.

Then, put the picture frame back together: Make sure that the coloured surface of the plexiglass is facing outwards and the side with the tracing paper is facing inwards. Before you close the picture frame, thread the cable end of the light chain with the battery box through a free corner of the picture frame’s back wall.

Complete your motive by drawing fine details that extend over the glass front onto the frame: this is how you give your DIY lightbox more depth! Adding different sized dots and drops make your motif even more special.

If necessary, glue the battery box to the outer back wall with adhesive tape or hot glue. Now you can easily switch the lights on and off.

Just switch on the lights: voilà – your eye-catching picture frame with a street art look is ready!

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
Mars® Lumograph® 100 Drawing pencil - Single product HB 100-HB 1
Noris® 965 Hobby scissors - Blistercard containing scissors with 17 cm blade 965 17 NBK 1

Additionally required:

Aluminum foil, Tracing paper, Picture frame, Light chain, Adhesive tape, Glue stick

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