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Drawing motifs on picture frame glass - Urban jungle in a picture frame

Drawing motifs on picture frame glass - Urban jungle in a picture frame
30 min Easy

Create a colorful plant kingdom - from the streets into your living room! Lots of colorful leaves and tropical fruits bustle in this little work of art that you can re-create in almost no time. And the best part is that you can draw directly on the picture frame glass with the chalk markers, even on both sides!

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Step-by-step tutorial

Take the glass out of the picture frame and place it on the template. The motif is printed in reverse because the colorful plants are painted on the back of the glass.

Start with the delicate details on leaves and flowers. Draw fine lines and dab small dots.

Now fill all the shapes with color. Make sure you let the colors dry well before adding colour to shapes directly next to each other and draw around the small details.

Once the motif has dried, you can turn the glass over. Use the picture frame as a spacer so you don't scratch the back when you design the front.

Take the white Chalk marker and draw leaves, flowers and small twigs on the glass plate according to your taste.

Place the glass in the frame with the white motif facing down and carefully place the coloured paper on top. Then place the cover plate of the frame and close it. Your own little piece of urban jungle is ready!

Material overview

What you need

Additionally required:

Template, Picture frame approx. A4, colored paper, e.g. dark blue

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