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Here at STAEDTLER, we believe in a world full of ideas – and bursting with amazing opportunities that are just waiting to be seized.

Creativity makes people a little happier. And more relaxed. With its products, STAEDTLER is not only a companion for people of all ages who want to bring their own creative ideas to life, but also a life-long source of inspiration.
With a broad spectrum of high-quality, innovative, German-made creative products, STAEDTLER fosters the development of individual personalities – and has done for more than 180 years.


Facts and figures

Largest european manufacturer of

  • Wood-cased pencils
  • Universal pens
  • Erasers
  • Mechanical pencil leads
  • Modelling clay
  • World market leader for industrial modelling clay
Made in Germany

Made in Germany

When it comes to production, STAEDTLER stays true to its roots and prioritises quality products Made in Germany: almost two thirds of all STAEDTLER products are manufactured in Germany. The export rate for Germany is over 80%.

STAEDTLER worldwide

The company’s international character is strikingly underlined by its systematic expansion to 9 manufacturing plants worldwide – including four in Germany – and its presence in 26 countries globally through its affiliated companies.

The STAEDTLER Group has almost 3,000 employees worldwide, enabling it to position itself successfully in the international market. Nowadays STAEDTLER has representatives on every single continent and in 150 countries.

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Johann Sebastian Staedtler’s idea: take pencils out to the world.

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Ideas and knowledge are the key to the future

Since 1997, all shares in the STAEDTLER Group have been held by the STAEDTLER Foundation. True to its ethos of ‘ideas and knowledge are the key to the future’, the Foundation supports projects that pursue innovative approaches or that aplly pioneering methods. The STAEDTLER Foundation also supports cultural projects in the Greater Nuremberg Area.


Advancement through innovation

Decades of groundbreaking innovation have brought STAEDTLER to the strong position it occupies on the international market today.

Continuous investment in research and development, as evidenced by numerous innovations such as WOPEX, ABS and DRY SAFE, help to reinforce our leading position.

Sustainability and protection of the environment

The STAEDTLER corporate philosophy attaches great importance to the protection of the environment, consumers and company employees.

Each and every employee plays a part in fulfilling our responsibility towards the environment.

Long before the emergence of the many eco-standards and environmental seals, STAEDTLER was already demonstrating corporate responsibility through environmentally friendly processes and a self-imposed eco-controlling system.

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Corporate social responsibility

Given the size and global nature of your company, our responsibility for current and future generations is growing.

That’s why we initiate and support projects that promise a fairer and more liveable future – all over the world.

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