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History of STAEDTLER

Historische Bleistifte

With his ambition of selling pencils worldwide, Johann Sebastian Staedtler laid the foundation back in 1835 for what is now the STAEDTLER Group. In 1853, the pencil maker from Nuremberg showcased his wares at the Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations in New York; just a few years later, these high-quality, German-made products had already made a name for themselves in France, Britain, Italy, Russia, America and the Middle East.


For Johann Sebastian Staedtler, a fascination for pencils ran in the family: his ancestor, Friedrich Staedtler, worked as a ‘pencil-making craftsman’. In 1662, Friedrich Staedtler was mentioned for the first time in the official records of Nuremberg as a "lead pencil maker" – and his descendants are continuing the family tradition.

The pioneering spirit of Johann Sebastian Staedtler shapes the company to this day. After all, ideas lead to progress, and progress leads to advancement. As one of Germany’s oldest industrial companies, STAEDTLER can draw on a unique treasure trove of experience and has been developing top-quality brand innovations for decades.

STAEDTLER turns ideas into products – and writing instruments into people’s favourite pens. This combination of tradition and innovative excellence is what makes STAEDTLER so unique. It is a core component of our corporate culture – and will continue to make history in the future.