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Watercolour artwork with flowers

Watercolour artwork with flowers
60 min Easy

Flowers are the smile of the earth! And like a rainbow they cover all the wonderful colours and make us happy. Seeing them drawn in this lovely watercolour artwork surely makes you smile every time you look at it.


An article by Bina

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Step-by-step tutorial

Distribute eight coloured areas next to each other on the bottom of your paper using the wide tip of the brush pen. They do not have to be spaced at the same distance and can have different widths – this will make your motif more exciting.

Use the water brush to blend the coloured areas together.

By brushing off some of the colour from the water brush onto a separate surface (like foil) you can dilute the colours with water. Pick up these colours again with the water brush and create a background matching your gradient with indicated flowers.

With the thin tip of the Watercolour Brush Pen you can draw the flowers. Then blend the colours together with your water brush.

Now contour the flowers to let them pop off the rest of the artwork using the pigment liner 0.1.

Then you can use the watercolour graphite pencil in 4B to create shadows. Again, use water to make them blend into your picture.

Finally, you can sprinkle some colour onto your paper by picking up some colour with the tip, holding the water brush and lightly tapping on it while holding it over your paper.

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
STAEDTLER® 3001 Double-ended watercolour brush pen - Wallet containing 36 double-ended watercolour brush pens in assorted colours 3001 TB36 1
STAEDTLER® 949 Water brush - Blistercard containing 1 brush: round fine 949 BK-1-C 1
Mars® Lumograph® aquarell 100A Watercolour graphite pencil - Blistercard containing 3 watercolour graphite pencils in assorted degrees and 1 round brush #8 100A SBK4 1

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