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Pastel Cake Topper

Pastel Cake Topper

Step-by-step guide

Print the templates and cut them out following the thin lines.

Download templates

Then colour the rainbows and clouds any colour you want with Textsurfer 364 pastel highlighters.

Tip: Use the triplus fineliner 334 to accentuate them even more.

Next shorten the straw to the desired length and attach it to the back of the coloured template with super glue.  Then place the second part of the template on top.

To make sure that the cake topper stays on the cake, glue a wooden skewer to the straw. The tip of the wooden skewer should protrude about 3 cm from the straw.

Overview of materials

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
triplus® fineliner 334 Triangular fineliner - STAEDTLER box containing 6 triplus fineliner in assorted colours, Pastel 334 SB6 PA 1

Additionally required:

Super glue, scissors, straw, wooden skewer, template

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