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Painting techniques for advanced

Advanced colouring felt tip pens

Very special colouring results can be achieved through the use of special techniques and painting products.

Colouring on watercolour paper

Colouring on watercolour paper

Most colouring designs are printed on paper that is suitable for the majority of colouring techniques (coloured pencils, fineliners or fibre-tip pens). If you’re prepared to put in a bit more work and take on a special kind of challenge, though, you’ll be rewarded with a very special picture.

Trace a design or part of a design onto watercolour paper using a 0.3 or 0.5 mm STAEDTLER pigment liner. This is best done on a light table, which you can create yourself using a sheet of glass and a lamp. If the design is too complex or extensive, just find a more interesting section. The thicker the watercolour paper, the more difficult the tracing will be. But the result will be more attractive, because the paper won’t crumple so much.

Watercolour pencils – karat aquarell

You’ll get a very special colouring experience with the STAEDTLER karat aquarell, a high-quality watercolour pencil. Just colour in the areas you have traced, in the same way as you would with any other coloured pencil. In larger areas you can transition easily between colours, but it’s better to keep small areas simple.

When you paint over your work with water afterwards, your “wash” will create fine gradations of colour. When adding water, be careful to use high-quality brushes that are an appropriate size for the area you are colouring. Leave individual areas to dry before you work on adjacent areas, otherwise all the colours will run into each other.

Colouring with watercolour pencils
Fibre-tip pens on watercolour paper

Fibre-tip pens on watercolour paper

If you’re colouring in a design on watercolour paper using fibre-tips, you’ll notice that the colours are brighter than on normal drawing paper and above all that they run into each other better. This means that it’s easier to create beautiful transitions between colours. But you can also produce small transitions by placing drops of water within larger areas using a thin brush. Lines of water also give a lovely result.

Experiment a little on a separate sheet before you use water on a finished design. In principle water effects work better in dark areas than in light ones.

You need the following STAEDTLER products:

pigment liner 308pigment liner 308FinelinerSTAEDTLER box containing 4 pigment liner black in assorted line widths (0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7)
karat® aquarell 125karat® aquarell 125Watercolour pencilMetal case containing 12 watercolour pencils in assorted colours
triplus® color 323triplus® color 323Triangular fibre-tip penSTAEDTLER box containing 10 triplus color in assorted colours
karat® aquarell 125karat® aquarell 125Watercolour pencilMetal case containing 24 watercolour pencils in assorted colours

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