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Homemade Christmas tree tag made from FIMO

Homemade Christmas tree tag made from FIMO
30 min Easy

Christmas is just around the corner and you want to decorate your Christmas tree or your presents with a homemade tag? Then this instruction is just the thing for you! With FIMO soft, you can shape a small mini Christmas tree that can be designed according to your taste. Whether with glitter, baubles or snowflakes - there are no limits to your creativity. All you need is FIMO soft or effect in different colours and a little time to make this cute Christmas tree.


An article by Karina

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Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
FIMO® 8700 04 Blades - Blistercard with mixed blade set, 3 pieces (1 rigid, 1 flexible and 1 serrated blade), 2 rubber grips 8700 04 1
FIMO® 8700 05 Acrylic roller - Blistercard containing an Acrylic roller 8700 05 1

Additionally required:

Needle, baking paper, Christmas tree stencil, cutter, pin

Christmas tree template

Step-by-step tutorial

Mix one part FIMO soft black and two parts FIMO soft tropical green to get a beautiful dark green. Roll out the mixed shade with an acrylic roller, apply the Christmas tree template on top and cut your stencil along the contour with a sharp knife. Remove the excess FIMO soft.

Christmas tree template

Use the excess of the mixed dark green, roll it out and shred it with a cutter. Repeat the same with FIMO soft in white. Mix the two colours together and roll them out into a sheet with marble look. Tear off small pieces and roll out small needles for the tree.

Roll out FIMO soft in chocolate brown into a thin sheet with the acrylic roller. Cut out a stem for the tree and press it to the tree. Use a needle to imitate the structure of the wooden stem.

To make the star on the tree look like a real one, roll out FIMO effect in metallic gold into a thin sheet. Lay the sheet on the tree over the star and use a needle to cut out the star.

Use a needle to transfer the FIMO soft pine needles onto the Christmas tree starting from the bottom to the top.

Use a sharp needle or blade to crumble FIMO soft in white to imitate snow. Spread the snow on the stem of the tree and a little on the Christmas tree.

To create the Christmas globes for the tree, use FIMO soft in Indian red and sunny yellow. Roll out small balls and place them on the tree. When you're happy with your design, harden the FIMO soft Christmas tree in the oven for 30 minutes at 110 ° C / 230 ° F.

After hardening, let the Christmas tree cool down completely. If you like, you can now glue a pin on the back of the tree with superglue or drill a small hole in the top of the tree and create a pendant out of it. And your Christmas tree is ready.

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